How Long After Etizolam Can You Drink (And Why)?

Exact Time: After 6 to 8 days

Etizolam is something that is being derived from thieno diazepine. It is basically used to treat sleeping sicknesses known as insomnia and anxiety. This is a drug that chemically has a class of benzodiazepine. It is used to treat depression in the person so acting as an antidepressant. It has hypnosis effects. It is also used many times as an intoxicant.

It is being suggested as the safer alternative with respect to other medicines. It is being used on a short-term basis. This medicine is absorbed rapidly. A country like the USA has prohibited the medicine Etizolam. But many countries like India, Japan, and Italy.

How Long After Etizolam Can You Drink

How Long After Etizolam Can You Drink?

You can take medicine in the morning and if the dose is 1mg then in the evening you are allowed to take beer or alcohol but that too limited. You can drink while taking etizolam until it is harmful or not having a high dose. But if you take etizolam in high quantity then you have to wait for whole one day as you can suffer from vomits or pain as such if taken in high quantity.

The half-life of etizolam is very high so watch carefully. If you take 2 mg of etizolam then you can take two to three beers to drink. The effects of etizolam can last up to six to eight hours. But if doses are higher then they can last more. So, it is good to take anything after it. It is absorbed by the body from half an hour to 2 hours. The effect of drugs reduces after 6 hours so you are allowed to take drinks or food after that amount of time.

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Also, its half-life is also to be considered so it is advised to take anything after 10 to 12 hours. But you can start drinking after 6 to 8 hours having fewer effects. You can take etizolam with food or without any sort of food. As the doctor has prescribed the timings to eat or take any drinks you have to take them accordingly.


The table is being shown where the time period tells us how long anyone can drink after taking etizolam.

DosagesTime Period
Less doseAfter 6 to 8 hours
High doseAfter 1 day

Why Does It Take So Long To Drink After Etizolam?

If you take more beer then you may suffer from blackouts. So, the effect of etizolam has been decreasing till then and so the time of respondent reduces. Also, to drink anything while on the medication you have to remember that what is your tolerance limit as tolerance limit tells you that how much you can take and after how much time. Many people have good tolerance so they can take it at any time.

Also, the dosage you are taking also has some effect on deciding when you should drink. The more the dosage the more you have to wait to drink any sort of drink. So, in this way time to eat or drink goes on increasing. Many times the doctor advises you to drink or eat at any particular time or after that then in this way too time can vary.


There is a time for every medicine to react and give particular results which the body needs so that one’s body can recover from anything. So, in this way, the time of eating or drinking any sort of things can vary. Also, all the drinks, when drunk just after the medicine then they react with each other and so causing troubles and hence it is advised not to take it just directly after medicine.

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Remember one point that etizolam causes skin abnormal growth. When etizolam combines with alcohol then it has very dangerous effects that can lead to critical medical problems like the death of a person. Many times it also causes coma in a person. There are many effects of etizolam that are drowsiness, feeling weak, condition of faintness, also headache, etc. It also causes depression and can make your vision impairments.

It relaxes the muscles. It is very much potent and effective. It is also an anti-anxiety medicine. It is being told that you have to take the medicine as prescribed by the doctor. Fewer drinks should be taken. As being told after taking any medicine you are not allowed to eat or drink anything.


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