How Long After Dinner Should I Drink Milk (And Why)?

Exact answer: 15minutes to 1 hour

Milk, a most commonly used drink contains a lot of proteins, calcium, multivitamins, sodium, different types of acids including anti-oxidants and fibers. Most of us consume milk at night due to a particular reason, it helps us to sleep better as it contains tryptophan, which is a popular amino acid.

It also contains melatonin, which leads to makes us feel sleepy. Milk is the only drink so far, where all the essential nutrients are available in certain amounts. Researches say that it is a unique and exact combination of proteins and lactose. Doctors recommend drinking milk after a certain period of post-dinner due to its strong reacting tendency.

How Long After Dinner Should I Drink Milk

How Long After Dinner Should I Drink Milk?

Ayurveda suggests everyone from younger to older people, have warm milk after an hour of dinner to get sound sleep. Many of us believe that drinking milk at any time does not matter. But Ayurveda recommends a good time to consume milk. As, milk contains all the required amount of nutrients in itself, consuming it at the right time will help you to get all types of nutrients. Consuming milk at night times leads a way to promote Ojas.

Always ensure to have milk after 15 minutes to 1 hour of dinner depending on the heaviness of the dinner. People should be able to maintain the time limit between all the three activities like, to have dinner, drinking milk, and sleeping. You can get maximum profit if a proper time limit is maintained. When you drink milk during breakfast, it fulfills and nourishes the entire body completely, whereas, during the evening time, it is used to get rid of tiredness.

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Similarly, when milk is consumed before sleep, it does not only produce quality sleep but also regulates the proper bowel movements in the morning. Along with the quantity, the quality of the milk also should be considered. Try to consume fresh milk daily as far as possible. Few industrial process that takes place today, like homogenization and pasteurization, it kills the bacteria which results in proper digestion when milk is mixed with the enzymes present in the body.

Though milk contains lots of nutrients, it should be avoided in few cases like indigestion, stomach ache, asthma, coughing, and diarrhea. Consume milk in the right amount to grab the maximum amount of nutrients out of it, as a higher amount of milk can lead to various side effects.

Light dinner15 minutes
Heavy Dinner1 hour
Fruits30 minutes

Why I Should Wait That Long To Drink Milk After Dinner?

Unless you are suffering from lactose tolerance, milk is considered one of the best foods which give us all types of nutrients in the right amount without any risk. But, if you choose to drink milk at night, you are advised to consider dinner also. It is always worth drinking milk at night after a few minutes of dinner as the proper time gap allows your body to absorb the nutrients from both the dinner and the milk.

There are few food items available that do not cause any side effects when consumed with milk. One of the benefits of milk is, it Endorse new cell formations and helps to get rid of flawless skin. As you consume salt in the dinner, it should not be combined with milk because both of them have different qualities which result in indigestion problem. Milk also has a good amount of magnesium which is good for healthy muscle formation and nerves.

Drink Milk

Your insulin level may also increase when you consume milk after dinner, so professionals recommend diabetes to avoid milk during nighttime. It is also not good to consume milk on an empty stomach when you have digestion issues earlier. Kids, up to  15 years can drink milk at any time as their digestive systems work well and faster when compared with adults. Milk also helps to reduce weight, especially of females by improving their metabolism to a certain extent and increasing the completeness after meals, which may lead to lower daily calorie intake.

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Milk helps to grow both adults and kids strong with complete nutrients. It is also important to drink milk in the right way. Ayurveda suggests drinking milk including ashwagandha which boosts up the memory in addition to good sleep. People who have an allergy to milk can avoid it whenever possible.  Bodybuilders and kids of 5 years old could have milk even in the morning.

The liver performs a process known as detoxification at night, whereas consuming milk during dinner may be harmful. Always adults should drink milk either in the evening or after dinner for good sleep. Make sure to sleep at least after one hour to drinking milk, for good digestion.


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