How Long After Taking Etodolac Can I Drink (And Why)?

Exact Time: At least after 4 hours

Etodolac is not a steroidal drug but an anti-inflammatory type of drug. It helps in reducing pain that is being caused by many conditions in the body. Like it reduces the pain from arthritis also the stiffness in joints is also being decreased by this medicine. It is taken orally or on an oral tablet.



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Sometimes it is being called by another name known as Lodine, now it is not continued. It is a sort of generic drug that has to be prescribed by the doctor only. It also performs antipyretic activities. Its use and doses are always prescribed by the doctor.

How Long After Taking Etodolac Can I Drink?

When you are taking Etodolac then the doctor advises you not to drink any sort of alcohol. You have to ask your doctor when you want to drink alcohol as it can have serious effects on your body. You can eat this medicine with a glass full of water as it will help you swallow your medicine very easily. This medicine causes bleeding when you take alcohol with it.

You can take this medicine with food or without any food. But, then remember that if you take this medicine without food, it will react faster and give better results. If you want to drink any juices after the medicine, you have to wait for at least 4 hours. For drinking any sort of milk you have to wait for at least 2 hours after intake of medicines.

Since this medicine usually takes up to two weeks to improve symptoms and make you healthy, the doctor is advised to take proper medications and follow the guide given by him. If we talk about the reaction from etodolac then according to your conditions, the doctor gives you the medicine and when he sees that you are fine, he will decrease the doses of the medicine he has given to you.

AlcoholNot allowed
JuiceAt least after 4 hours

Why Does It Take So Long To Drink After Etodolac?

Since if not properly taken can increase the chances of more severe and different results as came till now. The reaction of your first dose will also affect reaction time for Etodolac and vary from person to person. Different age of people has different doses so reaction time can vary in all the different ages of people. Water is the best beverage to drink with etodolac.

Also, you have to wait if you are on other medications. As drinks have other harmful reaction on your body. If your condition is severe then accordingly time will take to heal your problems or pains. So, advised to not drink or eat anything after taking Etodolac. Also, drugs affect each one differently and so the time varies accordingly. Juices also make the drug in your body ineffective and so delaying the process of recovery. so, not allowed to drink.

If you are using Etodolac with other medicines or any herbs, it can change the way this drug works or may be harmful to perform the function. So, in this way, it can change the time to work and delay eating or drinking anything. Therefore, you are advised to take the advice of the doctor and tell him beforehand if you are taking any sort of medicines.


There are many side effects related to this medicine: you may observe the swelling of your face, feet, and even your fingers. You can suffer from stomach aches, blood vomit, gaining of weight, skin color change, etc. So, you are advised to take this medicine under the guidance of the doctor. This medicine doesn’t affect the kidney functioning of the body.

This medicine treats different types of arthritis-like: rheumatoid, juvenile rheumatoid, and osteoarthritis. It also treats nerve pain smoothly. Many foods cause infection in the body, so that should be avoided while taking any sort of medicine. It treats both long and short-term pain.


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