How Long After Femur Surgery Can I Drive (And Why)?

How Long After Femur Surgery Can I Drive (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 12 Weeks

A femur surgery is done whenever the femur bone is broken or has been damaged due to some kind of injury. The femur bone is also known as the thighbone located in your thighs and it is one of the largest bones inside the human body.

Injury can happen due to several types of trauma and there could be two or more than two pieces. Treatment is available and with the help of bed rest for about 12 weeks one will be able to heal themselves and then they could indulge in physical activities. However, with the help of someone you can move from one place to another soon after a femur surgery.

How Long After Femur Surgery Can I Drive

How Long After Femur Surgery Can I Drive?

Healing time of femur surgerymaximum of 12 weeks
indulge in physical activity 12-14 weeks

Most people have a busy life and this is one of the reasons why they cannot stay inside their house not more than a single day. However, this is the time when one should be able to take care of themselves as much as possible because if the patient fails to take care of themselves then it could take a longer time for the patient to recover.

Follow all the instructions provided to you by the doctor and try to visit the doctor periodically. Visiting the doctor once in a while would be great because if your body is not responding to the treatments and medicines then in that case it could lead to more serious issues.

Femur Surgery

Once you injure or fracture your femur bone you might need ORIF (Open reduction and internal fixation) surgery. This is the surgery that is performed on those people who have broken their femur bone.

During this procedure, the broken bones are placed into place and are left to heal. However, if there is a hairline fracture or an injury, is not much of an emergency issue then your doctor might know what kind of treatment should be best for you.

Why Does It Take That Long After Femur Surgery To Drive?

Healing takes some time soon after a femur surgery and the normal time taken for healing could extend up to one year or for some cases it could be more than one year. If you are eager to drive and you have had femur surgery recently then the type of fracture will determine when you could indulge in physical activities.

Other things like physical fitness and your age will also have some effect on the healing process. Physical therapists will determine when you could start to drive once again after a femur surgery.

There are other conditions that will determine how soon you could indulge in physical activity. However, most people start to drive as they spend 6 weeks resting at their homes after full-weight bearing on the right lower limb is achieved.


Once you start to heal or spend some time resting in your home then you should slowly start to do some physical activity. There could be several complications arising after the femur bone has been injured or has been broken. Proper setting is required and if the femur bone is not set properly then there could be a chance that the leg could become shorter than the other one.


In the end, you want to be as healthy as possible because if there are complications arising after a femur surgery then the side effects could be painful. You need to follow all the instructions provided to you by your doctor.

This is the time when you should take enough rest so that you can heal faster. Do not try to do things that you are not allowed to do because if there is some pressure created in your femur bone then there could be several complications arising because of it.

In case, your one leg has become shorter than the other one because of the broken femur bone then you could feel pain several years later.


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