How Long After TVT Surgery Can I Drive (And Why)?

How Long After TVT Surgery Can I Drive (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1-2 Weeks

A TVT surgery might be painful and that is quite normal. Therefore, patients going through the surgery would be advised not to drive for at least two weeks. During two weeks, the patient should recover and take a rest because there will be a slight amount of discomfort after the surgery.

Most patients feel tired and weak for several days after the treatment because of the treatment. The pubic bone might feel bruised and patients might feel cramps in their lower belly. However, patients should try to relax and take a rest because the discomfort could only last for two weeks.

How Long After TVT Surgery Can I Drive

How Long After TVT Surgery Can I Drive?

Purpose of TVT surgeryTo provide support for a sagging urethra.
Risks of TVT surgeryCould cause an injury to the bladder, or the patient might feel difficult urinating post-surgery.

A TVT surgery is done on women suffering or experiencing involuntary urinating. Whenever there is some kind of pressure created on the urethra then some amount of urine comes out involuntarily.

Well, luckily there is a treatment for this type of condition faced by women experiencing this problem. The primary aim of the surgery is to provide support to the sagging urethra so that the urethra remains closed when some kind of pressure is created on your urethra or bladder.

People experiencing this kind of problem can opt for another treatment known as TOT (Transobturator tape). This treatment or surgery is almost similar to TVT but there is only a slight difference between the two.

TVT Surgery

During the process of TVT surgery, a mesh tape is placed under the patient’s urethra so that it is in its normal position. The tape is then inserted by making small incisions in the patient’s abdomen and the vaginal wall. The whole procedure would take about half an hour and doctors might inject you with local anesthesia during the process.

During the procedure, your doctor might ask you to cough to test the support of the tape in your urethra. After the surgery, you might be asked to urinate so that the doctors can check how your urethra is responding to the treatment.

Why Does It Take That Long After TVT Surgery To Drive?

You will not be allowed to work on anything until and unless you recover completely after the treatment. Patients might be asked to stay overnight on the day of the surgery. However, most patients are asked to leave the hospital after a few hours post-surgery.

This should not be the main concern because the only thing that you need to do is take a rest and nothing else. If you indulge yourself in some kind of physical activity then there could be some kind of complications arising.

The pain and discomfort after the surgery might be less and you can begin your normal activities after one or two weeks. During this time you will have to refrain from driving for a couple of weeks.


Patients should also know the dark side of the treatment because like most other treatments this also has some kind of risks. Things like bladder injury or injury in the urethra and difficulty in urinating after the surgery are some risks that you want to look out for.

However, these things should not worry you because these risks or problems are less common if you opt for a TOT surgery. But, there are other risks including in a TOT surgery. The two of the most common risks after a TOT surgery are some amount of pain in the groin and numbing of the legs.


In the end, you need to be careful and take care of yourself TVT post-surgery. Do not worry about the risks that have been mentioned above because it will only worry you. Take the help of one of your family members to move around for the first few days and then you should be fine to do things on your own.

Contact your doctor if you are feeling some kind of pain that is not normal because the sooner you let your doctor know about it the better will it be for you.  


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