How Long After BBL Can I Drive (And Why)?

How Long After BBL Can I Drive (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6 to 8 weeks

BBL is an abbreviation used to connote a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. This is a cosmetic procedure used to enhance the buttocks of an individual. It is done through the deposition of fat into the region that is to be enhanced. This procedure is increasingly becoming popular among people who want to accentuate and contour their buttocks against a minimum recovery period.

Much like all other surgical procedures, a BBL surgery also requires the patient to follow certain post-operative rules. The patient is prohibited from driving and sitting for a while after the surgery. If these rules are followed, recovery from the BBL procedure will be swift and smooth.

How Long After BBL Can I Drive

How Long After BBL Can I Drive?             

Much like all other medical procedures, after a BBL surgery, the patient is refrained from driving any motor vehicle for quite some time. There are certain statutory orders that one must adhere to strictly after the BBL surgery is completed.

It is important to note that following the post-operative protocols is essential to have a smooth and well-rounded recovery. If the patient happens to flaunt these norms, the results of the BBL procedure may be subpar or dissatisfactory. Noticeable results will only be possible if the patient refrains from sitting and driving.

Driving is one of the most notorious prohibitions when one undergoes a BBL procedure. Most cosmetic surgeons or medical professionals conducting the procedure will advise that the patient remain away from the driver’s seat for at least 6 weeks after the surgery is completed.


However, this time frame may be extended further in the event that some complications arise after the surgery. If the patient feels discomfort while sitting down after a period of 6 weeks, the doctor in charge may decide to extend his recovery to 8 weeks. In such a scenario, it may take up to 8 weeks for the doctor to clear the patient for driving.

At the same time, it is important to cognize that the recovery period after a BBL procedure will be different for different patients. This timeframe is hinged on several variable factors like the extent of the surgery, the overall health of the patient, the absence of complications in the procedure, etc. Thus, it is quite difficult to curate a foolproof timeframe for the resumption of driving in such patients.

In Summary:

CircumstancesTime Period of Waiting
No Complications in the Surgery or Recovery6 weeks
Complications in the Surgery or Recovery8 weeks

Why Do You Have To Wait So Long After BBL To Drive?

The rationale for this long waiting period after a BBL procedure is hidden in the very essence of the surgery. A BBL procedure entails the liposuction of fat cells from the neighboring regions of the buttocks like the waist and love handles that are in turn injected into the region intended for augmentation.

Fat cells need time to settle in the new regions where they have been injected. Sitting immediately after the procedure will squish these cells thereby killing them and negating the BBL surgery altogether. This will effectively produce no visible results in the region because the cells meant to augment the area have been unintentionally eliminated.

This same logic extends to driving as well. The patient would have to sit upright when driving, having the same outcome for the fat-injected regions as a normal sitting posture. Thus, the individual in question is medically deterred from driving until the fat cells have established good blood flow for themselves.

Moreover, another caveat to be considered is that the patient is also on certain pain medications after the BBL procedure. One cannot be allowed to drive or operate heavy machinery when on palliative medications. Therefore, doctors do not allow BBL patients to drive immediately after the BBL surgery.


The best approach for an individual would be to consult his or her doctor regularly after the procedure to form a personalized timeline for when he or she can return to the normal routine, including driving. Wearing the compression garment and using the spiral pillow will also help accelerate recovery after a BBL procedure.


After a BBL procedure, the patient is not allowed to sit on his or her buttocks for a prolonged period of time. The longer one refrains from doing so, the better the results of the BBL procedure will be. Thus, by extension, the patient is also not allowed to drive after a BBL surgery.

For most patients, the stipulated time period of prohibition is 6 weeks. If the surgery or the recovery period has complications, then this period can increase to a good 8 weeks. During this phase, the patient cannot drive. Most doctors will wait for the swelling and pain in the region to subside before allowing their patients to drive.


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