How Long After FUE Does Hair Grow (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After Three Months

As technology has increased, many possible activities have been made possible, from exploring the deep-sea floor to changing faces through plastic surgery. Hair transplant is one of them; hair transplant is adding hair follicles in the bald part of the head by removing hair follicles from different parts of the body.

A hair transplant is a lengthy procedure, and an average hair transplant can last up to four months, depending upon the patient’s condition. Moreover, a hair transplant is a relatively expensive method to grow the hair and hide the bald spot. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction and is one of the most popularly used hairs transplant techniques.

How Long After FUE Does Hair Grow


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How Long After FUE Does Hair Grow?

A hair transplant is an extended procedure to grow back the hair. The process starts before that. The hair follicles from different body parts are collected like the eyebrows, unibrow, legs, and arms from anywhere where hair is available. The process of FUE is in steps and starts as the hair follicles are removed from the back of the head and then attached to the balding area. Second, all the hair in the balding spot is wholly trimmed off using a trimmer or shaved so the surgeon can perform the surgery without any interference, and in many cases, the whole head is trimmed.

Then the bald area is worked upon all the bald, and dead hair follicles are removed through the surgical method as these follicles are not helpful as they cannot grow hair. Fourth, stitches are added to the place o surgery and then are covered with the person’s original hair. In fourteen days, the stitches are taken out. Fifth, this part is not accessed on the patients, but the hair follicles are then composed with the patient’s tissue under the microscope in the lab. Sixth, on the surgery day, the person is given a dose of anesthesia. Then the surgery takes place in which the follicles are placed in the head.  The denser one is placed in the back, and the less dense one is placed in the front.

Hair Grow
Hair Growth After FUETime After FUE
Slow Hair GrowthIn four months
Fast Hair GrowthIn three months

In most cases, the hairs will grow rapidly, which can be observed after three months. But in some patients, the hair growth might be slow, and it may take up to four months for the hairs to start growing.

Why Does It Take That Long After FUE For Hair To Grow?

Baldness volume is also essential in terms of recovery. Suppose the person only has the front of his head to be operated on. In that case, the recovery is yet fast as the skin does not have many follicles to hold, but if the baldness volume is excellent, it can be difficult for the body to keep a large number of strands. The follicles are very delicate after they have paced in the head and any distortion can cause them to either fold wholly or back ruin the structure.

After the surgery, the hair follicles are seen on the top of the head and can be seen as the actual hair; incisions are closed using the stitches, and within a few weeks, the hair itself with darkness and swelling going away. For instance, a dense and porous skin that does not have any dryness and is well maintained will hold the follicles quickly, and the surgery can start with a few days, but if the skin is not porous and is dry, then it an take a lot of time for the skin to hold the follicles.


It takes that long after FUE for hair to grow because the hair follicles don’t get enough blood supply for some period after FUE. Once the blood supply resumes, the hair starts to grow.


Overall, it can be concluded that a hair transplant is an extended procedure to grow back the hair. The process starts before that. The hair follicles from different body parts are collected like the eyebrows, unibrow, legs, and arms from anywhere where hair is available.

On average, har can be spotted on the head after three months of FUE. The follicles are very delicate after they are placed in the head, and any distortion can cause them to either fold wholly or back ruin the structure. Therefore, the follicles are exceptionally delicate, and the hair transplant surgery can last three months before all the redness and swelling goes away.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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    This article is absolutely fascinating! I appreciate the detailed explanation of the FUE procedure and the time it takes for hair to grow afterwards. Very informative.

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