How Long After Ghost Update To PPR (And Why)?

How Long After Ghost Update To PPR (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Six Months

The shorthand PPR refers to a passport request in the context of Canadian immigration. This is another crucial step in the process of applying abroad. If the candidate belongs to a country that requires that the individual have a printed visa before landing in Canada, then a passport is indispensable.  An individual must have an approved passport before he or she can land in Canada.

A passport falls under the category of travel documents, which the government issues to the citizens of its country. The document certifies the nationality and identity of the purpose, mainly for travel to other countries. Each country has its passport, and it is mandatory to carry a passport for an international trip.

How Long After Ghost Update To PPR

How Long After Ghost Update To PPR?

Passport is one of the most crucial waiting periods involved in the Canadian immigration process. The experience of most candidates vary, as case data for each individual is different. Therefore, it isn’t easy to create a fool-proof timeline of the accurate waiting interval between ghost updates and passports. A passport contains few sections involving the name, address, date of birth, photograph, and person’s signature. Some additional pieces of information might be required depending on the country issuing the passport. The state department officials issue the passport. A passport is also required when a citizen returns to their country.

In modern times, a majority of countries have started issuing microchip embedded passports. Microchips not only make the passport machine-readable, but it also becomes tough to create a fake copy of the passport. However, every passport has an expiry date, and it must be renewed for further traveling purposes. A person having no legal passport is not allowed to leave the country under any circumstances. Furthermore, the passport doesn’t make the person a citizen of the country they are traveling to; instead, it is just an allowance to visit that country.

Passport Request
EventsInformation Regarding The Events
Time for a ghost updateOne week
Time after the update for PPRSix months

A ghost update is not a very long one, and it is done in one week. However, it may take up to six months after the update for a person to get PPR.

Why Does It Take That Long After Ghost Update For PPR?

The process of getting a passport is quite lengthy, owing to the in-depth scrutiny of the documents submitted by a candidate. The visa office thoroughly examines each case with the utmost sense of diligence to ensure that all documents and information provided by the candidate are up-to-date and correct. After a candidate submits his or her biometric information, it is also passed through the same scrutiny process. This may be completed within a month or two after the initial submission date. However, the passport does not arrive right after this process of verification is completed.

There are various types of passports that the government issues. A regular passport is issued in normal circumstances. An official passport is issued for government employees for their official travel and meetings. A diplomatic passport is given to the diplomats of the country or various ministers who need to travel to other countries to meet the government officials. A collective passport is issued for a group of people traveling together, such as school children. Finally, a family passport is given to a family planning to travel to another country together.

Passport Request

It takes that long after Ghost updates for PPR because of the required changes in the passport. However, when information is missing or incorrectly supplied to the portal, the process is inevitably lengthened further. In some of these cases, it can go on for a year or more. In addition, constantly submitted flawed documentation or missing papers will make getting a passport more difficult.


Finally, it can be concluded that the process of filing for immigration is quite complex and complicated. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly understand the entire process and remain alert throughout the procedural steps. Applying for immigration to Canada is considered relatively easy, but like all other immigration processes, this one has to be meticulously navigated.

On average, the time taken after ghost update for PPR is six months. After this time period is over, the individual can move on to the next PPR step. Here patience is key, as it may take around five to six months for most. Very few receive PPR within a couple of months.


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