How Long To Beat Ghost Recon Wildlands (And Why)?

How Long To Beat Ghost Recon Wildlands (And Why)?

Exact Time: 40-50 hours

Ghost Recon Wildlands is a shooter video game that is part of Tom Clancy’s game from Ubisoft. It has its own story too. The game takes place in Bolivia. The story tells us about the drug controller named Santa Blanca. The story is amazing and in each and every way that person in the demolished state. The developer of this game is Ubisoft Paris.

It is being published by Ubisoft. This game takes place in an open world. Here players are part of the elite group of soldiers. In this game, one player with only 3 of the player’s friends can play and end the drug state.

How Long To Beat Ghost Recon Wildlands

How Long To Beat Ghost Recon Wildlands?

Above 80 hours you need the time to beat the ghost recon wildlands. When you play this with friends, it becomes more amazing, any random then it’s good, and when you play alone, it is best. It becomes the best when you have all things which you need to play on. The site sees each and everything and keeps the track of what you have done till the day. Many people told that they had played for up to 6 days and completed everything in the game.

It basically depends on what is your style. Many have completed approx. 90 percent game in 34 hours. It is being recommended by players to play at least for an hour per day until you have beaten one of the bosses of this game. To finish the campaign you might take 8 hours when you are playing this game with your friends. To finish with everything you can need 80 hours.

To complete 12 provinces and 74 missions you might need a time of up to fifty hours. And then the remaining hours can be used for the finishing of the game. The time is provided to clear all 51 breakpoint trophies of this game is given as 40 to 50 hours. This is being based upon how the player has completed the game and won the trophies. The average time to finish all the six fallen ghosts in this game is being given as eight to ten hours.

Ghost Recon Wildlands
Main Story27 hour
Main+Extras54 hour
Completionist82 hour
Average50 hour

Why Does It Take So Long To Beat Ghost Reckon Wildlands?

Many of the players who take this game waste their time on searching many things like which type of resources are available, if the resources are the best, how to work on the story or plot of the game, the legends given to them, how to collect various things from the game, how to update the old belongings to a new one, etc. This might take a lot of time.

It also depends on how much time do you spend on the game per day. And if you can cope with the situation of that region. Also, if the player can kill the ghost quickly then he or she can complete the game quickly. So, it varies from person to person. The lifestyle they follow. If a person is having bad eyesight then that person can have eye-related issues so they want to finish the game very slowly.

Ghost Recon Wildlands

Also, if the player is not playing well, they can get demotivated as we know these sorts of things happen, and then it will take time. Also, remember that many children’s parents are strict so they may not allow them to play these games for an hour. If a person is playing solo then it can take more time to complete it. It depends on which platform you are playing: like pc, PlayStation, etc. So, it gets affected due to this also.


The size of the game is 54.11 GB. It is being released on the 7th of March, 2017. It is a type of looter shooter game. This game is full of fun when a player is playing as a solo player, but you have to do many work or missions with less help. It is a military shooter game. It is very dangerous and massive too.

It can be played solo. It makes you busy and it is a realistic game. Their vehicles, types of equipment feel like the real ones. When you get bored you can play it. Different missions can be performed differently. There are many recommendations for it. If interested in playing such types of games you can buy them.


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  1. Despite the time requirement, the game rewards players with an expansive, engrossing world to experience and explore.

    1. The depth and breadth of content in the game are impressive. A testament to Ubisoft’s commitment to excellence.

  2. The game’s duration reflects the depth of its design and the intricacy of the world it presents. A truly immersive venture.

  3. The game’s length may deter some players, but for those who are invested, the payoff is well worth the time and effort.

    1. I’ve never played anything like it. It requires dedication, but it’s a rewarding experience overall.

  4. The comprehensive nature of Ghost Recon Wildlands is a credit to the artistry and dedication of its developers.

  5. This game has a very interesting story and a huge world to explore. Definitely a must-play for all shooter game enthusiasts!

  6. The lengthy gameplay and strategic elements make Ghost Recon Wildlands a challenging and intriguing game worth trying out.

    1. Absolutely! The time investment is definitely worth it for a game with such depth and complexity.

  7. A game of such magnitude is bound to require substantial time investment. It’s part of what makes it a standout title.

  8. I was surprised by the amount of content in this game. It’s a testament to the developers’ dedication and creativity.

  9. The game’s length adds to the immersive nature of the story and gameplay. A welcome challenge for dedicated players.

    1. For gamers who enjoy a deep narrative and substantial playtime, Ghost Recon Wildlands delivers on all fronts.

  10. The game’s duration reflects the richness and complexity of its world. A compelling journey for dedicated players.

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