How Long To Get KTN After Eligibility Determined (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Within A Month

KTN is the abbreviation of the term Known Traveler Number, and it is provided by an agency named TSA. TSA is the short form of the agency Transportation Security Administration, an agency of the United States. Its main job is to provide and regulate security measures on the people traveling to the US.



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This agency was not there in the United States for a long time; instead, it was established when the terrorist attacked multiple locations in the United States on September 11. The order to make this agency and regulate and get knowledge about the people who were entering the country as travelers were given by the United States government.

How Long To Get KTN After Eligibility Determined

How Long To Get KTN After Eligibility Determined?

The main job of the TSA is to regulate the travel security of the people traveling from the airways. It doesn’t concern the work of seaways as there are not significant seaports in the US. Also, the majority of travelers prefer to travel from the air rather than water. That’s why the main work of the TSA is to confirm the identity of the travelers coming from other countries and ensure that they are natural persons. Terrorists make a different number of passports and use many names for travel purposes. Therefore, this agency tracks such people if any of them enter the US. The work done by this organization is very confidential, and only higher officials of the administration get the details from TSA.

Earlier the work of the security was done by the department of transportation established in the United States. But after multiple failures of the transportation department to control the attacks, the government decided to form an agency solely for security. Also, different states had different transportation officials, so the process was not much synchronized. But with the introduction of a central agency to look after the security of the travelers, the entire process became highly synchronized, and hence the security was tightened many folds.

Type Of Eligibility DeterminationTime After Determination For KTN
Normal DeterminationFive to seven days
Late DeterminationWithin a month

In most cases, the KTN is provided very soon after a traveler becomes eligible to enter the country. In standard cases, the KTN is provided anywhere between five to seven days. However, in some cases, it takes up to one month for the KTN to be sent to the traveler due to some issues.

Why Does It Take That Long To Get KTN After Eligibility Determined?

George W. Bush signed a law in November 2001 after the September 2001 terrorist attacks to protect the nation from further attacks. In this law which was signed, it was mentioned to form an agency with highly professional officials who can protect the nation from further attacks. Finally, in March 2003, the agency was formed and reported to W. Bush. Bush gave strict instructions that any further attacks will be treated as the misjudgment of the agency. After the formation of the TSA agents, no major attacks have taken place anywhere in the US.

The agency is administered by the government of the United States government, and it is also funded by the government itself. The officials working in the agency are provided security by the government itself, and they are trained in all the martial arts and know the use of multiple weapons. The working of the organization is not known to a lot of people. The employees are paid highly by the government. The workers verify all the details of the passengers and certify whether they are good to travel or not.

It takes that long to get KTN after eligibility determination because there is a lot of paperwork involved in the process. A person can only be allowed to travel if all the documents are legal.


Finally, it can be concluded that KTN stands for Known To Number, and it is given by an agency named TSA, which works in the United States. The main job of TSA is to make sure that security should be provided to the citizens and travelers and protect the country from any attacks.

On average, it takes seven days to get the KTN; however, in some cases, it can take up to one month also. Such a delay usually happens because some people might fill in, wrong information in the form, which can create problems for the officials to verify the documents. Therefore, it is crucial to fill in all correct pieces of information.


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