How Long After Jaw Surgery Can I Eat (And Why)?

Exact Answer: At least after six weeks after the surgery

Jaw surgery is done to readjust or realign the jaw of the individual. The surgery can also be referred to as orthognathic surgery. This surgery is only performed by the maxillofacial surgeons who work along with an orthodontist very during surgery.

One can be recommended to have jaw surgery for several reasons from doctors. Having jaw surgery could adjust a misaligned bite due to the abnormal jaw growth it could repair an accidental injury, correct problems while swallowing or while speaking, and many more.

How Long After Jaw Surgery Can I Eat

How Long After Jaw Surgery Can You Chew Food?

How long after jaw surgery one can chew the food?At least for six weeks
How long after the surgery the jaw can be loosened?It might take up few days

In many cases, jaw surgery can be used to achieve a correct position of the upper jaw, lower, or both. Having a jaw surgery is a serious surgery procedure it requires the patient to have general anesthesia where the patient has to stay around three to four days in the hospital.

The aim of having jaw surgery is to improve the overall function by adjusting the positions of the jaws and teeth inside your mouth. There are many other benefits of having a jaw surgery such as it could improve the look of your jaw, improves the function, improves the ability to breathe, the patient might start to get more restful sleep, and a few more.

Sometimes having jaw surgery can help the patient improve from other medical conditions as well. Some of the medical conditions include chronic jaw pain, severe headache, facial injury, toothache, dentofacial birth defects, facial asymmetry, the temporomandibular joint also known as (TMJ), and a few more.

Jaw Surgery

Not everyone can have jaw surgery there is an ideal time or age for having such treatment. In females, this treatment can be done between 14-17 years of age. For males, this treatment can be done between 17-21 years of age. Patients who have had a correct jaw surgery before will have to wear or already have been wearing braces for some time.

Why Does It Take That Long After Jaw Surgery For An Individual To Eat?

Jaw surgery is done for many reasons but after it is done one needs to rest their jaw for quite some time. It takes six weeks to come back to normal because at first jaws are held together with elastics which after few days lose a little. After this is done, it takes time for the jaws to tighten up where the doctors recommend eating a soft diet that will not need any chewing part.

The surgery for the upper jaw is called Maxillary osteotomy and there are conditions to have one of such surgery. Some of the conditions are as follows:

Jaw Surgery
  • An upper jaw that recedes
  • Have an open bite, when the back teeth don’t touch when your mouth is closed
  • Having a crossbite, which is when the bottom teeth sit outside of the upper-most teeth when the mouth is closed

Now, the surgery for the lower jaw is called Mandibular osteotomy. This refers to the surgeon that operates your lower jaw. Additionally, the surgery for both the upper and lower jaw is called a Bimaxillary osteotomy. In this process, the technique used by the surgeons includes upper and lower jaw surgeries.

The surgery for the chin is called Genioplasty, having this surgery can help the patient to have a correct receding chin. This type of surgery may be performed with a mandibular osteotomy for having a receded lower jaw.


Jaw surgery may be sound very easy but it comes under one of the most serious surgeries in the world. Yes, the end result of having jaw surgery will be great as it will shape up your mouth portion which will not only look great but function well on the same.

After the surgery is completed you need to have complete rest for few months to have a faster recovery. After the surgery is completed it is normal to experience minor swellings, stiffness, or another type of discomfort in your face or inside the mouth. But, do not worry these will go away soon over time.


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