How Long After Jaw Surgery Can I Vape (And Why)?

How Long After Jaw Surgery Can I Vape (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 7 to 8 Weeks

E-Cigarette which is also known as vaping. Vaping is that process through which the vapor created by an electronic cigarette is inhaled. A vaping device or an E-Cigarette is a battery-powered smoking technological device. They have in-built cartridges which are filled with a certain liquid which has nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals within.

So basically, what happens is that when a patient goes through some surgery to relocate the upper jaw, the lower jaw, or both of them. But a certain factor matters a lot for the patient’s quick recovery. Not only the surgery, after surgery care is also very vital in cases of such delicate surgery. The part under surgery is very vital for daily activity. So it puts pressure over the jaw bone and muscles.

As the surgery results in soreness in the muscles and bones of the jaw as well as in other parts of the face. It results in performing all other tasks like eating, cleaning the teeth, and drinking as well.

How Long After Jaw Surgery Can I Vape

How Long After Jaw Surgery Can I Vape?

For Maxillary Jaw Surgery7 to 8 weeks
For Bi-maxillary Jaw Surgery5 to 6 weeks

After knowing all about this vaping and all. You must have got this knowledge which is enough to know how injurious vaping is hazardous for post-surgery of jaws until they recover. So basically it takes at least 7 to 8 weeks to recover from jaw surgery. And this time is too hard to endure. A patient only knows how it feels to recover from that certain pain. And jaws consist of a very sensitive part of the body.

And if a person is a vaping addict or user, it must take him this amount of time. As we know that vaping is full of harmful ingredients which make it more hazardous. So it’s better to keep it off during the post-operation period. That means during the time the patient is recovering.

The recovery time is the most sensitive time for the patient, as taking tobacco, smoking, or vaping would result in severe healing complications. It would be hard to handle later by the patient. This would also give rise to other health-related problems or Jaw related problems if taken before the recovery period.

Jaw Surgery

Other than that during the recovery, the patient would be going through different medications. So during this medication time, it’s highly recommended to stay away from all these intoxications. As these will harm the health of the just operated jaws. So it’s highly recommended to continue the practice of vaping only after recovering completely and that is at least after 7 to 8 weeks.

Why Can I Vape So Long After Jaw Surgery?

So before proceeding further into this topic, a thing should be clear. And that thing is, all the statements made above are just a result of thorough research and mere assumptions. And now as we have known how long it will take for a patient to fully recover and intake vaping. But then again one more question arises that why it will this long? It means that what is the reason behind this that the patient practicing it will wait this long. So while answering we came to know these reasons.

So firstly, as we know that Vaping is too hazardous for health. The electronic cigarette or vaping device contains many harmful elements which will harm the surgical Jaw area. It contains nicotine, some harmful flavorings, and many hazardous chemicals. These things will result in degradation of the under-recovery Jaw in taken before 7 to 8 weeks. So doctors highly recommend continuing vaping after time completing this minimum period.

The next important thing is while recovering from this Jaw surgery, the patient must be going through some sort of medication. And if the person starts vaping while medicating, it can be very much harmful to the person. This is because the reactions between those medicines and those chemicals inside the vaping machine are too uncertain to predict. So it’s better to wait till full recovery from the ailment.


So these are some of the reasons due to which it is suggested by the doctors to their respective patients not to use vape devices for vaping. And they can continue once they become fully recovered.


So from the above discussion, it must have been clear how and why it is this long to wait after Jaw surgery to continue vaping. We all know how addictive vaping is, but we should take care of our health by being conscious. After all, we are the only caretaker of ourself.

We all got to know how hazardous vaping can be for the jaws after their surgery. So it’s better to wait than to leap. To heal completely, vaping should wait a while. Time must not be a matter, what matters is a complete recovery. We have to keep certain things in mind.


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