How Long do Vape Coils Last – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1-2 weeks

Vaping is simply the act of inhaling and exhaling the vapor emitted from an electronic or another similar device. Vape coils draw power from a battery to emit some heat which vaporizes the e-liquid or salts of nicotine.

The measurement for vape coils is in ohms. The vape coil is similar to an electronic cigarette kit and is mainly responsible for heating up and vaporizing the e-liquid. Warm vapor is produced by vape coils with low resistance while a cooler vapor is produced by vape coils with high resistance.

How Long do Vape Coils Last

How long do Vape Coils last?

Vape Coil TypeLifespan
Clapton coils1-2 weeks
Fused clapton coils2-3 weeks
Alien coilsLess than a week
Braided coils1-2 weeks
Twisted coils1-2 weeks

Usually, a new vape coil lasts for one to two weeks. However, the duration for which vape coils last depends on a number of factors. These factors include how well one treats the vape coil and how one does the vaping.

Electronic Cigarette Coil | Vape

When a vape coil is used as much as one smokes, then they tend to last for at least a week. They can also be changed once a month if they are used on fewer occasions. Replacement vape coils will last for a period of three to five days which mainly depends on how much an individual vapes. It is good to note that ceramic coils tend to last for longer periods as compared to the normal coils.

Generally, vape coils should last an average of two weeks. However, this is dependent on the type of vape coil that is being used. Rebuildables (RBAs) are known to last for long in comparison to the tank coils. The length a vape coil takes to last can be extended by properly breaking into new coils. Also, good care and maintenance when using the vape coils help increase their lifespan. The act of priming a vape coil contributes greatly to its lifespan since it prepares the coil for use.

Why Vape Coils Last That Long?

The following reasons or actions make most vape coils to last for long;

  • Vape coils last for longer when one stays at lower wattages when vaping. There is no much difference when vaping is done on lower wattages.
  • When the tank is refilled before completely draining off prevents one from drying fire which in turn will make the vape coils last for long.
  • For longer lifespans, vape coils should be left to cool down and take more of the e-liquid before it can emit more vapor. It is advisable to wait for three to five seconds between the hits.
  • Regular cleaning of the vape tank and its coil will also go a long way in making the vape coil to last for long as compared to irregular cleaning.
  • Avoiding hits that are dry or burnt due to inadequate juice makes the vape coil to last for long. This is because when there is enough vape juice, the coil can heat properly.
  • Avoiding the act of chain vaping will also make the vape coil to last for long. Chain vaping leads to quick heating of the e-juice which affects its lifespan.
Vape coil

It is important to have a vape coil that lasts for as long as it should probably last. This helps in optimizing one’s vaping experience.

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