How Long Does Vape Juice Last – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 years

Vape juice shelf life is one of the most asked questions. Since it contains some food-based ingredients, you should note that vape juice has a set of the expiry date. Usually, the ingredients used in making e-juice will affect its shelf life.

For a vape juice to last long, storing it properly is essential. You should ensure that it is kept in a cool and dark place since heat or light might cause some of its ingredients to go bad. In this article, we shall discuss how long does vape juice lasts and why.

How Long Does Vape Juice Last

How long does vape juice last?

Vape Juice StateLifespan
Opened (Room Temperature)2 years
Opened (Refrigerator)8-12 months
Opened (Freezer)2 years
Un-Opened (Room Temperature)12-18 months
Un-Opened (Refrigerator)1 year
Un-Opened (Freezer)2 years

Most vape juice has a shelf life of about 1 to 2 years when stored correctly. Vaping an expired vape juice, you will be exposing yourself to various health risks. Therefore, you should always consider checking on the expiry date before consumption.

a group of vape juice bottles

When using vape juice to quit smoking, you should always avoid the ones which are expired since they will not be serving the purpose. When it comes to storing your vape juice in order to increase its shelf life you should;

  • Store the juice in a cool place.
  • Ensure you store it in a dark place.
  • They should not be exposed to liquids.
  • The e-juice should always be sealed, and you should always use one before opening another.

Once opened and well-stored, vape juice might last to 2 years from its manufactured date. For you to achieve this, the vape juice bottle has to be appropriately sealed or kept in a vaporizer sealed.

Why does vape juice last for long?

The main components of vape juices are PG, Nicotine, and VG, and they all expire after two years when stored properly. The three components are the main reason as to why vape juice last for so long.

Other than that, how you store the e-juice will affect its shelf life. When you expose it to some elements such as light or heat and liquid or moisture, its shelf life will decrease drastically. PG, Nicotine, and VG tend to break down faster when exposed to light or heat.

How to tell an expired vape juice?

Just like food, the vape juice expiry date is an estimation of the date when the components are not safe for consumption. However, e-juice might expire before its expiry date, therefore, here are some of the things that indicate if it is expired;

  • When expired, vape juice tends to lose its original flavor.
  • The nicotine is as well lost once expired.
  • The original color of the e-juice will discolor.
  • There will be no more vapors produced.
  • There will be a change in the original smell of the e-juice.
  • Density or the thickness of the juice will change from its original version.


The amount of vape juice you will be vaping on a weekly basis will determine the amount of vape juice you will purchase. Purchasing the ideal amount of e-juice every time is essential since you will be enjoying fresh flavors daily.

man smoking vape

You should always check on the expiry date of a vape juice before consumption.

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