How Long After Joining AAA Can I Use It (And Why)?

How Long After Joining AAA Can I Use It (And Why)?

Exact Answer: AAA Basic Membership Can Immediately Be Used After Joining

The American Automobile Association (AAA) is an organization that provides roadside assistance for people. They have three main membership plans. They are basic or standard membership, plus membership and premium membership. Each membership plan has its benefits. The prices of each membership plan vary based on the availed benefits, state, and area.

These membership plans also provide people with several discounts, travel peaks, and so on. It is very useful especially for people who travel a lot and for people traveling long distances. You can choose a membership plan based on your budget, and needs. With AAA you will have peace of mind while traveling.

How Long After Joining AAA Can I Use It

How Long After Joining AAA Can I Use It?

MembershipWhen can I use it?
AAA Basic MembershipUsed Immediately
AAA Plus and Premier serviceEffective after 7 days of enrollment

The AAA organization is made up of several clubs that provide many services to certain states and areas. Therefore, we cannot be entirely sure of the cost of the annual membership. The membership benefits may vary slightly for different areas. The AAA subscription covers only you and not your vehicle. Plus and Premium membership is also offered by AAA which has additional benefits.

The additional benefits such as towing your vehicle to a certain distance, car rental discounts, free fuels, and so on. As there are additional benefits the prices will also vary accordingly. The prices are also dependent upon the state and area. You will have to pay fifty percent more than the basic membership to get a subscription for plus membership and double the amount you paid for plus membership to get a subscription for premium membership.


Many are aware of the discounts they can get with the help of AAA’s membership program. You can get discounts in hotels, from retailers, discounts on theme park tickets, movie tickets, and so on. Most of these offers are available exclusively while some others are available in-store. For example, for hotels, you will have to books rooms directly through the organization, only then you will be able to secure the AAA discounts.

This is not possible if you book through third-party sites. You can make sure that you are eligible for the discounts by checking out your local AAA website. Each level of AAA membership provides us with different types of services with different costs based on different locations and also different benefits and discounts.

Why Can Membership Be Used Immediately After Joining?

The basic membership of AAA involves services like mechanical adjustment in your vehicle. For example, if you have locked your car keys inside your car and you are stuck on the road you can seek help from roadside assistance. They will reach your location as soon as possible and help you immediately. They will never leave you stranded on the road without solving your vehicle problems.

Access to full-time services and travel benefits and discounts for the AAA members are given to the travel agencies. Each benefit can be used according to the need of an individual. AAA does not have cashback policies and other special programs like credit card rewards and so on. The AAA plus and premium membership cost are a little bit high as it has many other special benefits such as towing the vehicle up to 100 miles, renting a car for a day, free fuels, roadside assistance when you are stuck somewhere due to punctures or breakdowns and so on.


Many might think that subscribing to these memberships is useless and is a waste of money, which is not true. AAA memberships are very helpful especially when you travel long distances. You do not have to worry about breakdowns or punctures on the way. You can be relaxed and have a peaceful mind while traveling. When someone gets stuck somewhere, they might get confused and might not know how to get out of the situation. In such situations, AAA can be very helpful and will help us get to our destination safely.


Many roadside assistance providers are available. But AAA is well-known among people. They are famous for the amazing services they provide to the people. Some of the services provided by AAA can also be obtained through your car insurance, or credit card, or wireless plan or in-car subscription, or from any other roadside service provider.

Before choosing AAA one must be aware of all the other ways through which these services can be accessed. Choose the membership based on your needs and with which you are comfortable. Finally, if you have decided to choose AAA, make sure that you avoid paying for extra services that you might not need.


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  1. Choosing AAA is made easy by the immediate use of its services, a reliable support system for any driver in need.

  2. AAA basic membership provides instant relief and assistance, very beneficial especially for long-distance travelers.

  3. The immediate use of AAA after joining sets it apart from other similar organizations, making it a top choice for any driver.

  4. AAA membership costs are justified by the wide range of benefits and discounts provided. It’s a smart investment for frequent travelers.

    1. Indeed, the immediate access to roadside assistance and extensive travel discounts make AAA indispensable.

  5. The skepticism about AAA being a waste of money is unfounded, the peace of mind and comprehensive services it offers are invaluable.

  6. AAA’s immediate use after joining makes it a reliable partner for all drivers, no need to wait to reap the benefits.

  7. The extensive benefits and instant accessibility of AAA’s membership make it a smart choice for any driver. Worth the investment.

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