How Long After Joining AA Can I Use It (And Why)?

Exact Answer:- Cover start after 24 hours of buying

AA is the Automobile Association. It is a British motoring association which was founded in 1905 to assist motorists and avoid police speed traps, and in regards to the Motor Car Act 1903 which Inaugurated new sanction for breaking the speed limit.

AA’s headquarters is located in Fanum House, Basingstoke, United Kingdom. This association demutualised in 1999 to become a private limited company. It is the UK’s largest breakdown organisation, above 2,900 staunch mobile mechanics.

It presently provides vehicle breakdown cover, Loan’s, motoring advice, insurance and some other services. AA assists numerous cars at the roadside itself. If you have an accident then AA is there to support you with their Accident Assist Service. 

How Long After Joining AA Can I Use It

How Long Does After Joining AA Can I Use It?

What does AA Breakdown Cover include?

If your car, van or motorcycle gets breakdown then you will get the assist from AA’s well qualified mechanic. Roadside assistance will always be included. Here’s what each does:- 

“Vehicle cover” is for those customers who need cover for one nominated vehicle. This will cover the vehicle specifically no matter who is driving it as long as it is within our vehicle dimensions is roadworthy, taxed and holds a valid MOT. 

Cover for you is for those customers who need to be covered as a driver or any passenger in any vehicle that is within our vehicle dimensions is roadworthy, taxed and holds a valid MOT. Those are the two types of membership.

Roadside Assistance which applies once you’re over 1/4th mile from home. They’ll send a mechanic to assist you at any moment of the 24/7 in the UK. And if AA will failed to repair the vehicle then we’ll heave you to a local garage for repair.

Add home start 

This cover (Home)  is for those customers who required assistance in the event when they breakdown at their home address and nearby the 1/4th mile. 

Hereabouts 1 out of 4 breakdowns happen at home, so this could be very beneficial. 

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Then National recovery 

This breakdown cover (National recovery) is for those customers who if we (AA) failed to fix the vehicle required their vehicle to be recovered to a single destination of their preference regardless of the distance within the UK. 

In this you, your vehicle and up to 7 passengers to wherever you need to be. It’s utilitarian if we can’t fix your vehicle at the roadside and a local garage can’t do the repair quickly.

Onward Travel

Onward travel is for those customers who need a hire car for 72 consecutive hours, one night’s hotel accommodation or public transport costs to continue their journey. If we are unable to arrange a prompt local repair. 

You can claim this 3 times in a membership year. It’s designed to allow you to continue your journey if you need to be somewhere. 

Parts and Garage Cover 

Parts and garage cover are designed to fulfill the needs of the customers who requires a contribution towards repair costs following a breakdown.

Smart Breakdown 

The AA’s new Smart Breakdown device could assist prevent a breakdown by detecting common faults, by telling how to fix them and reporting them to the app.

You have to have breakdown cover with us to have the smart Breakdown so when you cancel the breakdown cover then this will also cancel. So it’ll run alongside the breakdown cover.

As it’s a product for AA Members only so you have to be a member to have the smart breakdown.

Why Does it Take That Long After Joining AA to Use It?

Roadside assistance, At Home, National recovery and Onward travel all of this (cover) comes into effect 24 hours after purchase. The parts and garage cover will also become active for you once they have taken payment however you’re unable to make any claims within the first 14 days of the policy these will apply provided you’re not broken down at the moment.

After choosing the right cover that which one you want and after joining the AA the breakdown policies will start 24 hours after you buy it means that you cannot use the cover right away after purchasing the cover. A card will reach within the 28 days.

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If you’re having a breakdown and you want to join to get assistance then you can instantly buy breakdown cover.

You can also add short term breakdown to cover your time period of your policy. 

In case you are making payment monthly and you want to cancel the cover then you can cancel it at any moment but by giving the notice of 30 days. That means it’ll continue to run until you call to cancel.

If you pay annually, it’s a year’s membership that will auto renew for another year but you’ll have renewal documents sent 4-6 weeks in advance to give you the chance to cancel or amend. 


As a motorist it is frankly significant that everybody should understand the significance of having a breakdown cover policy to cover for you in times of car breakdown trouble in the midway of the road where your car gets breakdown and it is the one of the most general issues that drivers throughout the world face on a regular basis.

 Nevertheless mainly people fail to perceive that with the right kind of breakdown policy at hand this specific issue can easily be sorted and so that you can make proper use out of it roadside assistance in a few minutes so if you live in the UK or anywhere in the world you can always get the best roadside assistance at the times of casualty.

Also in this you can make unlimited calls included itself in the cover without costing you any extra but one cannot make a repeat call for the same default. Everyone must have this policy by having this life become much easier than the usual. One can go anywhere without being worried about anything anymore.

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  1. AA’s breakdown cover policies certainly offer a variety of solutions. The 24-hour starting period is a bit concerning, but the overall service options are quite exceptional.

    1. Agreed, the initial 24-hour waiting period is the only drawback in an otherwise impressive package of services.

    2. Certainly, the delay is a matter of concern, but once the cover is activated, it seems to provide extensive support.

  2. It’s fascinating to see AA incorporating technology with their Smart Breakdown device. A unique approach to not just providing assistance during breakdowns, but also preventing them from occurring in the first place.

    1. The Smart Breakdown is indeed an intriguing concept, but it would be interesting to see how effective it is in practice.

    2. Absolutely, the integration of tech in breakdown services is an innovative step by AA. Looking forward to seeing its real-world impact.

  3. This breakthrough in the automotive sector is revolutionary and will greatly benefit drivers in the UK. Glad to see AA taking such innovative steps to improve customer experience.

    1. Absolutely, this will certainly set a new standard for breakdown services and appear as a game changer in the industry.

  4. The breakdown cover seems quite comprehensive, but the delay in activation and the 14-day claim restriction could be points of contention for potential customers.

    1. Certainly, potential customers might find these limitations a bit restrictive in emergency situations.

    2. Valid points. The limitations might deter some individuals from considering AA’s breakdown cover as an immediate solution.

  5. The breakdown cover provided by AA seems to be a relief for drivers, especially with features like Onward Travel and National Recovery. However, the restrictions on claiming within the first 14 days might be a limitation.

    1. Certainly, the restriction on claims within the first 14 days can be inconvenient for drivers, especially if they experience a breakdown during that period.

  6. The breakdown cover provided by AA is comprehensive and precise. It’s impressive to see how they’ve thought through each aspect of vehicle breakdowns and provided efficient solutions.

    1. Indeed, AA’s breakdown cover is a step above the rest, providing peace of mind to drivers at every step of the way.

  7. While the breakdown cover is beneficial, it’s ironic that immediate assistance isn’t immediately available upon joining. A true test of patience for those in need of urgent help.

    1. Quite a paradox, isn’t it? Needing help but having to wait for the assistance to become active. Definitely an interesting perspective.

  8. The 24-hour delay in accessing breakdown cover after joining AA could be viewed as a strategic approach to dissuade impulsive sign-ups, ensuring customers are genuinely interested in long-term coverage.

    1. Interesting perspective. It does seem like a method to encourage long-term, planned commitments rather than spur-of-the-moment decisions.

  9. The concept of adding short-term breakdown cover for specific time periods is a practical solution, especially for individuals who require temporary coverage.

  10. While the breakdown cover seems comprehensive, the delay of 24 hours after joining AA for it to come into effect might be a downside for those needing immediate assistance.

    1. Seems like a bit of a catch-22 situation – needing breakdown cover immediately but not being able to utilize it until 24 hours later.

    2. True, the 24-hour delay could be a drawback, especially in urgent situations. AA should consider faster activation options for their services.

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