How Long After Joining RAC Can I Use It (And Why)?

How Long After Joining RAC Can I Use It (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Instantly

When a person buys an automobile, they expect their vehicle to run for a long period of time. But, there is always a possibility that an automobile stops working on the way. The situation becomes worse when they are at a place, where there is less availability of automobile assistance. Here arise roadside assistance businesses.

Roadside assistance companies provide on the road service to their customers. If there is a malfunction in the car and it comes under the policy of assistance by the companies, they send a team to their customer to assist them. One such company is Royal Automobile Club also known as RAC.

How Long After Joining RAC Can I Use It

How Long After Joining RAC Can I Use It?

RAC is one of the popular automotive companies in the UK. Around the 90s, it was known to be the second-largest motoring organization in the United Kingdom. If a person is traveling in the UK, and their car faces some problems, they can call the RAC customer support and ask for assistance. The team of RAC arrives at the given location in a given time period. However, the assistance completely depends on the type of membership bought by the member. Other than roadside assistance, it also offers insurance and other assistance to motorists.

RAC provides various cover plans for its members. It provides a Standard, Advanced and Ultimate plan. The Standard covers the least, while Ultimate includes comparatively more assistance. A person can buy a membership for an individual driving a car or a membership for a particular car as well.

RAC provides membership for a single person, where only one person is covered under the policy. They also provide joint membership, where multiple people can buy membership together. They even have a family membership that covers a whole family living in a particular household.

If someone is a member of RAC and has bought the membership, they can start getting its benefits right at the moment of becoming a member of the RAC. However, the distance that is covered will completely depend on their plan or the cover they have bought.

Those people who are not a member of RAC can also get assistance from the company. However, while the service for members is mostly free depending on the membership they chose, the non-members always have to pay a fee depending on the assistance they require.

Assistance seekerStart of assisting service
Non-membersAnytime, but paid

Why Can I Use RAC After That Long?

Royal Automobile Club is a big roadside assistance company. When a person becomes a member of the RAC, the company enters their data into the database. Right from that moment, they can start having benefited from the membership.

If there is a person who has not bought any sort of membership in the RAC, even they can have the assistance of RAC. Just like a member, they too can call the RAC center and ask for assistance. However, there will be one difference. The person who has not bought the membership has to pay the service charges and other charges for the assistance provided by the RAC team.

However, the service of the paid members also may vary. The assistance provided by the RAC team depends on what kind of membership is bought by the member. If one compares, the Standard membership provides the least benefits among all the categories under a paid membership. The advanced membership will have relatively more benefits and the ultimate membership will provide maximum benefits to the member.


If a Standard member needs the assistance of the advanced or ultimate membership, they will have to pay extra just like a person who is not a member. But no matter whether it is an Ultimate, Advanced, or Standard member, or not even a member at all for that matter, anyone can request roadside assistance from the Royal Automotive Club if they are in the range of the RAC team.


It is a big problem for anyone if their car malfunctions or faces any sort of problem in the middle of a journey. Roadside assistance companies come beneficial in such situations. The Royal Automotive Club is one of the most popular roadside assistance companies in the UK.

They have various plans for members and assist according to the plan chosen by the member. A member can start using their membership right after becoming a member. Moreover, not only just members, but even the non-members can take their assistance but for some cost.



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