How Long After Laparoscopy Can You Exercise (And Why)?

How Long After Laparoscopy Can You Exercise (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 6 months

Do not underestimate the body when you have had surgery. Pressuring too soon to do physical activities could cause bad effects. You should know that recovery is important. Do not resume running at least four to 4 months from the day of operation.

Avoiding strenuous activities like running, bicycling, and weight lifting for 4 months or more if needed. Talk to your doctor before starting running and other heavy exercises. When you feel your body is ready to resume running. Start walking first a little distance then increase your speed day by day.

How Long After Laparoscopy Can You

How Long After Laparoscopy Can You Exercise?

Light exercise 4 months
Heavy exercise/ training6 months

Laparoscopic surgery is a common method of surgery that needs a small hole or incision. It is the best way to access structures inside the body. Even though the surgery was done under General Anesthesia and needed a small incision to complete. The healing procedure needs a lot of time.

As compared to open surgery, the laparoscopic method is less invasive and more suitable. But still, you should postpone your running activities until you recover completely. Immediately after Anastasia’s actions come to an end, you can move your body. After surgery for a few days in the bed itself, Ankle pumps can be performed to improve blood circulation. The more the movement of the body the less the chance of getting complications of surgery. Thus, for blood circulation body movement is advised.

The effect of Anastasia may stay for 24 hours so may feel groggy for some time after surgery. It’s better to help the individual who had been in surgery while walking. Walking will help boost the blood flow and will also prevent the risk of pneumonia and constipation.


The only thing restricted to do is heavy exercises, running, and weight lifting for a few weeks after surgery. This is because any strain to the core muscle after surgery could cause pain. Another reason why strenuous activities are limited is that the innermost layer or the musculofascial layer needs enormous time to heal after surgery. If any rupture happens due to significant activity, these stitches may open and require surgery.

Why Can You Exercise So Long After Laparoscopy?

In keyhole surgery or laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon uses a telescope-like instrument called a laparoscope. This technique of laparoscopic surgery is used to diagnose many conditions inside the hip, abdomen, knee, and ankle. There is some condition when the diseased organ needs to be removed out from the body then the laparoscopic method is mostly adopted. Another condition when the affected organ tissue is taken out as a sample for biopsy or other tests by laparoscopy method.

Most commonly laparoscopy is used in the case of gynecology, gastroenterology, and urology. The gynecology department uses the laparoscopy method to diagnose and treat the affected female reproductive system. In the gastroenterology department through the laparoscopy method, they study and treat the conditions of the digestive system.
In the urology department, they use the method of laparoscopic surgery to diagnose the affected urinary system.

Often after your surgery, you are allowed to go home after 24 hrs of surgery. Because for the surgery they made only one or more small incisions. The incisions are made by the surgeon to the instrument inside the body. Through one incision he put the tube to pump gas into the abdomen. After the necessary surgery gets over the surgeon lets the gas out of the body.


Most jobs can be started within 10 days of surgery. You may not have to think about that if you don’t have any strenuous job. But those who work on the farm or do a job that includes strenuous activities need to stay for a longer time.


Laparoscopy has commonly resulted in rare future complications. There may be 1 in 100 cases where minor complications are seen. The minor complication includes infection, bruising and bleeding or there may be feelings of sickness and vomiting.

The advantages of laparoscopic surgery are more than its complications. You need a shorter stay in hospital than open surgery where you may need a longer time to heal. The pain of surgery will be less so bleeding would be less. As it needs a small incision to operate and treat so small scar is formed after surgery.

Even though it seems like a minor operation, certain things are restricted to do till the complete recovery. When you are allowed to do running and strenuous activities. Do not start doing running activities all of a sudden. This may affect the newly healed tissues. At least after 3 weeks of rest, you can get back to work. Listen to your body if you experience pain and blotting problems you may resume work a few weeks later.


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