How Long After Cupping Can You Exercise (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 48 hours

Before we get into the whole process of cupping, we should know what cupping is. This is a kind of therapy or medicine that uses heated cups for suction in the skin.



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This method is preferred by many people across the world as it is a great pain and stress reliever.

This method as of now does not completely belong to medicine or is completely scientific. Because of its nature, it is classified under pseudoscience.

The method of cupping is claimed to be beneficial for treating a large array of ailments including body pain, fever, cramps, etc. But it is yet to confirm the actual benefits of this therapy.

How Long After Cupping can you

How Long After Cupping can you Exercise?

ObjectiveTime Period
The time needed to exercise after cupping48 hours

Even though there is nothing much to do during the cupping process as there is limited need for movement during this therapy. This can be a tiresome process as it can take a great toll on the body thereby causing a great amount of fatigue.

Even though it brings fatigue, it is claimed to purify the blood similar to the way we purify our blood by donating it now and then. These are just claims as to the lack of proper scientific study and professional reports of this therapy make it all the more debatable of its benefits.

This method was followed by people of old generations in many countries in Asia as well as through Greek medicine. In the latter, it was called Ventosis and many found it helpful for smokers to relieve the excess dirt and nicotine present in their body.

The preparation for cupping can include being well hydrated for the procedure, having good food about an hour or two before the procedure, avoid getting sunburned, avoid exfoliating the skin.

It is advised by professionals who do cupping to avoid exercising for 48 hours or two days. This is to ensure that the body properly regains all its lost energy that was lost during the cupping process.

This period can vary according to the fitness of the person who has done cupping as some people can exercise within a few hours after cupping.

Mainly athletes who do cupping works out after a few hours after cupping as after cupping even though they feel a bit tired, their body would be refreshed and be ready for an intensive workout.

Why Does it Take Long After Cupping to Exercise?

The period to exercise after cupping as said before can vary according to each individual. A person new to cupping who has not had any beforehand experience or knowledge regarding this therapy is likely to feel tired after the first session.

This can last for a significant amount of time.

Those people who have great fatigue after doing so should drink plenty of water and take good rest to bring the body to its optimal performing state. These measures would ensure that the body has enough rest and toxins free that the individual would feel a rather pleasant sensation.

It should also be noted that after the process of cupping the individual undergoing it should cover the areas where the cups were placed after the session has ended. This would help the area to heal faster and soothe any pain that arises.

In many cases, some individuals observed body pain and fever-like symptoms after cupping. This should not be worried about as this is natural as the immune system reacts to the removal of wastes from the body.

Another point to be noted is that consumption of food products like alcohol, caffeine, products containing sugar should be temporarily stopped to complete the process of removing the toxins effectively.

Hot showers or baths that tend to heat the body should also be completely avoided to give the body ample time to effectively repair the sore places that the cups were placed. Intense workout sessions should also be avoided.

The main thing to remember is that it takes a long to exercise after cupping because when the cups are removed after cupping, it completely eradicates all the dead blood cells in that area thereby making the blood pure.

The reason behind taking rest is that the heart needs enough time to pump out good blood that is substituted for all the bad blood that is removed.


The process of cupping is supported by many and some people do not. This is because of the lack of scientific evidence this process requires.

Many researchers are yet to find all the necessary data to confirm the authenticity of this procedure. Even though many humans in the early ages practiced it, the people recommending this procedure are also very few.

But this should not demotivate anyone who looks forward to trying out this therapy as many famous people approve of this. Athletes like Michael Phelps have approved the benefits of this therapy as this therapy flourished after the 2016 Olympics in which Michael Phelps participated and explained the benefits of this procedure.


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