How Long After Skin Needling Can I Exercise (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 72 hours

Skin needling or more popularly known as micro-needling is a procedure that is performed for cosmetic reasons. Dermatologists perform this procedure to treat and prevent many different skin complications. The dermatologist makes microscopic punctures in the skin using tiny needles that are sterilized beforehand.

Despite sounding like a harmful procedure, this actually causes physical trauma to the skin and stimulates the skin to hear itself, rejuvenate and rebuild the area.

Skin conditions such as acne, scarring, wrinkles, and more can be treated through the micro-needling procedure.

Although you may be worried about the pain, you need not fear as a topical numbing cream will be applied before the procedure.

How Long After Skin Needling Can I

How Long After Skin Needling Can I Exercise?

What type of procedure is micro-needling?Cosmetic procedure
What is micro-needling used for?To treat skin conditions such as acne and wrinkles
How long do you need to wait after micro-needling to exercise?72 hours

Micro-needling is the procedure through which the dermatologist continuously pricks the skin using tiny and sterilized needles. This consistent pricking makes tiny punctures in the skin, that are essentially wounds.

This triggers the rejuvenation process in the skin, allowing it to rebuild itself in a more healthy manner. Physical trauma triggers the production of collagen, along with more healing factors in the skin. Collagen is a protein that is responsible for keeping the skin young, smooth, firm, and stretchy. Low collagen levels come with age, and this can cause wrinkles and more indicators of aging.

In addition, scars from acne and/or injuries, or stretch marks can contribute to a fall in collagen. This is why micro-needling is used to increase the amount of collagen that is being produced, in order for the skin to grow and become healthier.

Micro-needling can aid in skin conditions such as sun damage, wrinkles, stretch marks, scars, acne scars, big pores, hyperpigmentation, acne, alopecia, rosacea, loose skin, and more.

Sometimes, dermatologists also deposit vitamin C or topical tretinoin into the skin using micro-needling. These kinds of medications can enhance the treatment of skin conditions such as scarring from acne.

Skin Needling

Micro-needling can take many months to show the complete results for the patient, as it takes time to grow the new and healthy skin.

Doctors advise you to not come into contact with direct sunlight for at least 72 hours after the micro-needling procedure, and always put on sunscreen to protect the skin. In addition, swimming is also off-limits for at least 72 hours after you undergo the procedure. Also, you must not engage in exercise and other strenuous activities for 72 hours after the procedure.

Why Does It Take That Long To Exercise After Skin Needling?

Micro-needling requires 4-6 sessions for effective and full results. Each session may take up to 20 minutes, depending on the size of the area for which you are getting micro-needling.

First, a topical numbing cream will be applied to your face, wherever you wish to get the micro-needling. This prevents you from feeling the pain of the needle pricks. The doctor uses a tool that is shaped like a pen or rolling tool and has tiny needles on it. The doctor then slowly moved the tool across your face to make small incisions or punctures in your skin.

Since it is minimally invasive, the procedure can make you bleed a bit during the pricking. To soothe the skin after the procedure, the doctor applies a serum or cream on the face.

While is most commonly used for the face, you may also get micro-needling done for your thighs and stomach.

Once the procedure ends, the wounds on the skin trigger the release of elastin and collagen to heal the puncture and patch them up.


You will be advised to wait 72 hours after the micro-needling procedure to start exercising. This is because exercise can make your skin start sweating. Sweating can be harmful as it invites bacteria, that may cause serious infections or reactions in the skin. In addition, the skin may be irritated if the sweat comes into contact with the wounds.

In addition, exercise increases one’s internal temperature, therefore increasing the blood flow to the site of micro-needling. This increased blood at the site can give rise to swelling and a lot of discomforts, and may even lead to bruising. This renders the procedure unsuccessful, and the skin may have a hard time healing.


In conclusion, we can understand that you should refrain from exercising or any other activity that may cause you to work up a sweat, for 72 hours after the skin needling procedure.

If you sweat right after the procedure, this invites bacteria and infections that may result in the failure of the procedure, or delay the healing process of the skin.

There are risks associated with this procedure such as swelling, redness, dryness, skin flaking off, and more. These are common and will go away after some time.

You may feel some discomfort after the procedure, so it is important to follow the doctor’s post-procedure instructions.



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