How Long After Dyeing Hair Can I Wash It (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 Days To 3 Days

Among many factors, the major factor that determines the time for how long a person should avoid washing his or her hair after getting them dyed is the type of hair dye the person has got. Multiple types of hair dye are commercially used in salons and are loved by people all around. Some of the major types of hair dyes that people get in today’s time are temporary hair dye, semi-permanent hair dye, demi-permanent hair dye, and permanent hair dye.

How Long After Dyeing Hair Can I Wash It


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How Long After Dying My Hair Can I Wash It?

Type Of Hair DyeTime
Temporary hair dye1 to 2 days
Semi-permanent hair dye2 to 3 days
Demi-permanent hair dye2 to 3 days
Permanent hair dye3 to 4 days

Temporary hair dye, as the name suggests is used by people who wish to take a hair look only for a day or two. With this type 0f hair dye, people used bold colors such as neon greens and funky pinks. Temporary hair dyes are also known as wash-out hair dye, which means the hair dye would be gone when you wash them and in quite less time.

Thus, it is suggested to wash your hair after applying temporary hair dye when you wish to wash it out. On average, you can wash your hair after 1 day to 2 days after applying temporary hair dye.

Semi-permanent hair dye lasts a little longer than temporary hair dye. In most cases, semi-permanent hair dye lasts for about 8 washes. The major purpose of this type of hair dye is to cover gray hair and is done at home only. You can wash your hair after applying the semi-permanent hair dye in about 2 days to 3 days.

Demi-permanent hair dye might sound quite similar to semi-permanent hair dye, however, there are certain differences between the two. Demi-permanent hair dye is mixed with a developer which increases the penetration of the dye making it last longer. In most cases, demi-permanent hair dye lasts for up to 24 washes. On average, one can wash his or her hair after 2 days to 3 days after applying the demi-permanent hair dye.

Lastly, the permanent hair dye, as the name suggests is used for purposes when a person wants to change his or her hair color for a longer duration of time. However, just because the name says permanent, the dye is not meant to permanently stick to your hair forever. Permanent hair dye lasts on your hair for the longest duration of time among all the types of hair dye. On average, one can wash his or her hair after 3 days to 4 days after applying the permanent hair dye.

Why Does It Take That Long To Wash My Hair After Dying It?

Once you dye your hair, it becomes quite important to take care of the dye and follow certain tips to make your hair dye last for a longer duration of time. When you get into any hair salon to dye your hair, the salon hair specialist would tell you to avoid washing your hair for a certain duration of time. 

Many factors determine how long a person should avoid washing his or her hair after dyeing them. Some of the hair dyes have certain ingredients which immediately stick onto the hair and do not need any longer duration to settle down. For such hair dyes, it is not necessary to avoid washing hair after dying it.

While, on the other hand, some of the hair dyes have no such instant ingredients and thus need time to stick to the hair and settle down. Thus, such types of hair dye need to be treated and consequently washing your hair should be avoided for a certain period after dyeing your hair with such hair dyes.


It is always recommended and even said not to wash hair after a particular period once a person dyes his or her hair. The reason behind that is that washing your hair immediately after you dye it can lead to fading of the dye and even make your hair dry and rough. Thus, it becomes quite important for you and your hair to avoid washing them for a certain duration of time after dyeing them.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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