How Long After MRI To Get Results (And Why)?

How Long After MRI To Get Results (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 22 to 24 Hours

In today’s hard and fast world, you can walk around being in urgent for a care clinic in every neighborhood, and get any of your check-ups done by your nearest pharmacy. So, it’s to no surprise that when it does come to a talk about medical imaging, a much fast and reliable time is being expected from a doctor by its patients.

And if in case anyone ever had any diagnostic imaging study done – for example, we can say, X-rays, CT Scans, or MRI. And after this, you may understand it like what it feels, when waiting for those results. MRI which stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. It is a medically equipped imaging technology. But apart from all these, it uses a magnetic field as well as computer generation radio frequency waves.

How Long After MRI To Get Results

How Long After MRI To Get Results?

Time Required For The Reports of MRI scan24-36 hours
Minimum Age To Have MRI ScanAbove 6 years
Duration of MRI Scan15-20 minutes

So firstly we need to understand the thing that how this MRI is also known as Magnetic Resonance Imaging works. If we speak a little technically then, the radiology report which means the written analysis of the radiologist which interprets the basic imaging study. So now basically the results which come from an MRI scan stated in a report are mainly interpreted within 22 to 24 hours of the scans done. The scans are more or given to the patient as soon as possible by the doctors or the clinic authorities after the MRI scan is complete.

The results are read or to be more precise are being analyzed by a radiologist, and within the minimal time on which their study depends upon their availability and where the imaging analysis got executed! Secondly, efforts are being made to shorten up the time which is being taken up by these MRI scans. This is because in a recent journal by the Massachusetts College of Radiology, the image providers across the states are upon the search for different ways to lessen the turnaround time for examining and giving away the results.


The swift transmission of the diagnostic information to be provided is very much important for the patients as well as the referring physicians. It happens that in most academic hospitals they have a high volume of optimized results to analyze and process them further. But the patients having image scans mainly due to their accidents or surgeries are the first ones who served, thus this is referred to as the triangle process.

Why Does It Take So Long After MRI To Get Results?

As the explanations made above are mainly based on the research by different institutions in this field just to make this process more effective and result efficiently. Mainly the MRI they will produce will have no doubt be persuaded by a radiologist inside 24-48 hours from the time imaging scans would have been made. But after all this a few exceptions do make a difference.

But a chance is there that the specialist will be a certain piece of the most likely foundation where the filter is made done, the images will be more accessible to the requesting specialist immediately, while the report and results provided may take 24 to 48 hours to show up! Its request was requested STAT by on the off chance, that it will persuade inside some little ways from getting procured.

It is being expected that a more genuine STAT, which means that the patient will be given a medical procedure or is getting returned to the requesting specialist straight directly after the said output to be sent to a treatment focus. All other STATs, change them mainly into routine requests because they are false STATs.


For all tests more than actually, they do not hold up until they have 7-8 of them before understanding them which can mean that it is seven days. But the last exception would be doing something that radiologists ‘cluster read’, which implies that these tests which require uncommon programming are very tedious.


So from the above discussion, it has become a lot clear that how these technologies are truly advancing with coming to age days. And the need for it is more obvious than it seems to be because medical infrastructure is the basic source for the increase in life expectancy rate.

So for now it is taking 24 to 48 hours but soon the day is not too far when people would be getting their MRI reports within a day or even within hours. And this seems most achievable in this field!



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