How Long After Jab Are You Safe (And Why)?

How Long After Jab Are You Safe (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 2- 4 weeks

Diseases and viruses are everywhere. They have been tough for everybody around the world and there is no doubt about that. The virus attack has shaken the pillars of every country in the world. No one is safe until the virus completely dries down. Covid-19 has a very hostile effect on the whole world and that’s evident.

Doses of vaccines are the only hope to keep human life safe and healthy. After 02-04 weeks after the jab, the body regains its immunity and you can say that the body is in safe hands.

How Long After Jab Are You Safe

How Long After Jab Are You Safe?

1st dose of vaccine2 weeks
Time gap between 1st dose & 2nd dose2 months
2nd dose of vaccination3 weeks

The world is facing a crisis and hope of recovery was far from near in the initial times. Scientists from around the world were trying their level best to find a solution to counter the virus and end the problem for once and all. It all started due to some experimental failure of China’s lab workers. The virus came into existence for the first time in China’s city. Within no time, the virus terrified the whole earth. Even animals were not spared. Multiple attempts of making a perfect vaccine got ruined.

But finally, after countless unsuccessful attempts, the vaccine has been successfully prepared. The main task now is its distribution among the public. Both government and private medicals are in charge of vaccination. Though there is a little shortage in the number of vaccines, still the people in charge are trying their level best to meet the needs as soon as possible. Till now, a very small percentage of people are fully vaccinated (fully vaccinated means to have taken both doses of vaccine). India is a land with a very huge number of people and to meet the medical needs of every person, no doubt it would result in a delay.

Jab Are You Safe

As per the medical regulations, there should be a time gap of 84 days between the first dose and the second dose. The vaccine in itself is a new antibody group that enters our body after a successful jab. The new antibody needs some time to get acquainted with the systems of our body and in the meantime, the person who has taken the jab may encounter some mild side effects like cold, headache, weakness, joint pain, and muscle pain. But the good thing is the pain is in transit and will evaporate soon.

Why Are You Safe So Long After Jab?

The vaccine is a completely new thing to the human body and the structure of it is not something with which the body is well-acquainted. Side effects are even though seen, but are neither serious nor permanent, instead are just some random guests. The medical team always advises the jabbed person to take a significant amount of rest after the jab to give the body the required time to get along with the antibody of the vaccine.

After the first jab, it is advised to take the second dose after 84 days. The gap is necessary so that the body gets completely acquainted with the vaccine’s content and gets ready to get along with the second jab without any fear of any major side effects. Even if a person has been jabbed, still he/she should keep in mind to follow all the precautions because the body can still get infected with the virus. The vaccine is not effective immediately after the jab.

Jab Are You Safe

So, precautions are a must in the meantime to avoid any unnecessary risks. Even if a person has taken both jabs, obeying the medical precautions is still advisable. It is always a good decision to expose yourself to the virus as little as possible.


The world is facing a very difficult time and we must keep ourselves safe for the sake of human existence. Following safety measures and obeying the advice of the medical faculties is a must and it is for the benefit of every human being living on the earth. Taking both the jabs increases the safety level and avoids all the unnecessary risks and taking precautions can omit chances of panic and other stress-causing agents.

The government has already started the vaccination program at full pace and aims to meet the needs of the whole nation as soon as possible. The crisis has pulled the nation back and there’s an urgent need to lurch past the hurdles and keep pace with the sun and moon once again to protect the nation’s dignity and keep all the citizens safe and happy.


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