How Long After Mucus Plug Does Labour Start (And Why)?

How Long After Mucus Plug Does Labour Start (And Why)?

Exact Answer: At Least before two to three weeks.

There are various stages of life every human goes through. And these situations can differ based on your gender. One situation that many women undergo exclusively is pregnancy, which consists of lots of stages. Pregnancy can be different for every woman and the consequences can also vary much.

Among various stages, the loss of mucus plug also matters. It doesn’t exactly influence the time of your labor, but they do matter. Mucus plug forms in your cervical canal after you get pregnant and you lose it before you go into labor.

It has been found that, after the loss of the mucus plug, the labor might at least start before the duration of three weeks.

How Long After Mucus Plug Does Labor Start

How Long After Losing Your Mucus Plug Does The Labor Start?

Symptoms and signs that indicate laborTime at when pregnant women lose their mucus plugTime after which labor starts after the loss of plug
Some of the signs that are considered to calculate your labor data include lightening, loss of mucus plug, rupturing of membranes, effacement, dilation, and finally the recurring contractions and breakage of water sac.Women normally lose their mucus plug about 37 weeks after pregnancy begins.For some women, labor begins immediately, in hours after they lose the mucus plug. But for some, it might take a few weeks.

There are different stages of pregnancy and symptoms that denote its end. Pregnancy is basically classified into three trimesters, each consists of three months. After the trimester reaches an end, the symptoms that show you the onset of labor begin. The loss of mucus plug doesn’t matter as much as the other symptoms because some women might not even notice the loss of plug.

A mucus plug is actually a collection of mucus, in your cervical canal that protects your pregnancy. When you are pregnant, the cervix will secrete a thick fluid. The fluid will be thick and jelly-like. The fluid starts forming into a thick plug. It plays a vital role in maintaining unwanted bacteria and infection away from your womb and uterus.

cervical mucus

It blocks out your uterus from unwanted germs affecting the child and keeps your baby safe. It also acts as a barrier between your baby and your vagina. After about 37 weeks of your pregnancy, you will lose the mucus plug as your cervix begins to efface.

But, if you notice severe bleeding, you should consult your doctor and take the right steps to take care of that.

Why Does It Take That Long For Labor To Start After The Loss Of Mucus Plug?

The loss of mucus plug discharge is very much different from normal vaginal discharge because they are thicker. At the end of the third trimester, the effacement begins. The cervix loosens up, and your cervix expands. It softens and begins to efface. After that, it dilates. When this happens, the mucus plug loosens and will move out of your body through your vagina.

Once you lose your mucus plug, it contributes to the onset of labor. The onset of your labor is not exactly related to losing your mucus plug. Other than that, there are multiple symptoms that denote the beginning of your labor like pelvic pressure, cramping, contractions, breakage of the amniotic sac, and contractions.

Labor pain

After you lose your mucus plug, you must start noticing these symptoms to confirm the onset of your labor. If you lose the plug before 37 weeks, you should consider consulting a medical expert.

The mucus plug discharge looks different for every woman. Some women lose their mucus plug over time gradually, while some lose it entirely the first time.


Loss of mucus plug is painless and there are no side effects of losing it. It is all a part of the pre-labor symptoms. You can also start your labor without losing the mucus plug. Some people lose their mucus plug after they go into labor.

So, the timing of losing your mucus plug has nothing to do with deciding the time of your labor. Some women immediately go into labor, while some take weeks. So, you should consider other symptoms of labor before deciding anything.


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