How Long Does Odor Last After Hysterectomy (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6 Weeks

A human being needs to keep them healthy and hygenic. Hygiene is one of the most important things which needs to be maintained by every human. Good hygiene can divert many dangerous diseases from the human body. Good hygiene plays an important role to get a wealthy body for humans. It is always recommended to maintain good personal hygiene. Good personal hygiene is one of the most imperative and best ways to protect yourself from the end number of harmful diseases such as gastro or infectious disease. Maintaining good personal hygiene also prevents the disease to be transmitted from one person to another.

Whenever personal hygiene is discussed, intimate hygiene can be ignored. Maintaining good intimate hygiene is always said by the doctors to every human and especially when it comes to women. Bad intimate hygiene can cause various infections to the intimate area which may turn out to be dangerous for the individual. There are a lot of surgeries a human needs to undergo for any certain reason during their lifetime. But there is an always raised question that how long does odor last after hysterectomy? Let’s find out this below.

How Long Does Odor Last After Hysterectomy

How Long Does Odor Lasts After Hysterectomy?

ObjectiveTotal Days
If all the necessary precautions are taken3-4 weeks
If some of the precautions and prevention measures are violated6 weeks

The female private part is a highly sensitive part. It can cause you several uninvited problems such as infections that can lead you to pain and discomfort. For that, doctors always say to maintain good hygiene in your intimate areas to avoid all those infections.

We undergo various treatments, surgeries, and operations sometimes in our intimate areas for certain unavoidable reasons. Our medical science is so advanced that it has invented end number of ways through which any infections or problems can be cured. There are several cases where women’s doesn’t want to get pregnant anymore after a certain age, for that too there is a surgery named hysterectomy which deals with this kind of case

Hysterectomy is a surgery that deals with the removal of the uterus from the female body. It is one of the most common and chosen ways to remove the uterus from the female body. Some women face a lot of problems during their menstrual period such as heavy bleeding, go for a hysterectomy. There are many different reasons which state that why a hysterectomy may be necessary.


After undergoing hysterectomy, the individual is suggested to take proper care, medication, and rest. Usually, you can get discharged from the hospital after 2-3 days of surgery. But the pain remains to continue. During the recovery phase, you can experience a bad odor coming out.

Why Does It Takes That Long Odor Lasts After Hysterectomy?

The odor comes during a discharge of liquid after the hysterectomy. The odor lasts up to a maximum of 6 weeks. Doctors say that if proper care along with all the precautions is taken then the odor will fade after 3-4 weeks of surgery. But, if the proper care and all the necessary precautions are not taken then the effect might last up to 6 weeks which can cause you a state of discomfort. Proper care is the most pivotal thing required in the recovery phase of hysterectomy.

Reasons such as heavy bleeding during your periods, which isn’t improved even after going through various treatments and medicines. Then there is an abnormal swelling of small muscles inside the uterus known as fibroids, which leads to heavy bleeding during periods and even unbearable pain during bleeding and on other pelvic regions. A prolapsed womb, which is caused by the dropping of the uterus. There are many more reasons which aren’t or cannot be improved by medical treatments and medications, which require hysterectomy as a solution.


As soon as your recovering phase started after hysterectomy from your hysterectomy, you may feel mild or high fever, heavy bleeding, other signs of infections as well, immense pain that doesn’t go away from regular or prescribed medicines, nausea diarrhea or constipation, difficulty urinating, etc then you should immediately consult to your doctor as these can be harmful. One more common thing which has been experienced by several women after hysterectomy is a foul odor, which fades after some days of proper care, precautions, and care. Caring and pampering your body is very much required after a hysterectomy for a speedy recovery.


We all know that the human body cannot be well all the time. There are several diseases, infections, and allergies to which our body gets contracted. Several people undergo different surgeries, operations, and medication for getting rid of anything which is troubling their body and health. Undergoing surgeries, operations or any medication requires a lot of proper care and precautions for recovery. The more you will pamper yourself, the sooner you will become fine and get back to your normal life. Carelessness after surgeries such as hysterectomy can lead to various problems while recovering and will surely consume more time to get healed or recovered. Take a proper diet, eat healthily, take all the preventive measures and you will be doing well in fewer days after any surgeries, operation, or any medication.


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  1. Bad intimate hygiene can be a serious matter. I didn’t know that the odor lasts up to six weeks after a hysterectomy

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