How Long After Orientation Do You Work (And Why)?

How Long After Orientation Do You Work (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After about 10-15 days

Moving to a new workplace is enticing. One moves there with a lot of hopes and expectations in mind. At the same time, he/she should be ready to accept the workplace’s environment and adjust to survive in it.

One needs to get familiar with the rules and regulations of the workplace. Getting fit into the new culture can be difficult without proper training and guidance. This is the purpose of orientation.

Orientation is done to help the new employee get acquainted with his/her new workplace. During the orientation, the responsibilities of the employee are informed to him. He is introduced to his/her new professional environment.

The company’s working principle, motive, and company’s expectations from the employees are laid down before the newbie. He is assigned some duties and responsibilities. In addition to that, he is prepared to cope with the stress of work in his new workplace, thereby helping him build a happy professional family surrounding him.

How Long After Orientation Do You Work

How Long After Orientation Do You Work?

Minimum10 days
Maximum15 days

Orientation in a workplace is the process that introduces a newbie to his responsibilities in his new work environment. An employee is given a brief detail about his new environment and his work role. After this, he is allowed to get his doubts cleared.

He can ask anything regarding the organization and his role over there. Orientation is necessary to help increase the employee’s retention and productivity. Generally, all orientation programs last for about one to two weeks.

A good positive orientation program leads to higher and better recruitment of professionals. This is because the new employee has a complete set of responsibilities in his mind before starting his work. This, he can produce better results to satisfy the company’s needs and requirements.

The attention of the employee can be increased by a positive orientation. It instills motivation into the minds of the employee, thereby helping increase productivity. A positive orientation also ensures that the employees work for a longer time.

Besides being a formal welcome ceremony, orientation is a process that helps in the fusion of an employee’s skills with the company’s needs. The orientation starts with a physical tour through the workplace. This tour makes the employee familiar with various departments of work.

The various responsibilities held by various departments are also addressed to the employee. The employees should stand up to the standards set by the company. The orientation program helps the environment understand the standards and work to achieve them.

The orientation also helps the employee understand the dress code and other formal policies of the organization. This is essential on the part of the employee to understand the code of conduct of the organization. This also helps in improving the impression set by the organization on the minds of employees.

Why Should I Wait For So Long To Work After Orientation?

Not just this, a proper orientation also helps the employee understand the mutual benefits of his/her own self. This will help him strike a work-life balance in his professional life. It also informs the employee about the vacation and holidays he would receive amidst his work responsibilities.

A healthy relationship between the new employee and the organization helps him in working to stand up to the expectations of the company. It introduces him/her to his teammates who would assist him/her in completing the project. This helps in building cooperation and teamwork in the mind of the new employee.

Proper orientation helps in making the employee feel valued. The employees do not feel like working for the organization. They blend themselves with the organization thereby working for themselves as well as for the organization.

After the orientation is over within few weeks, the employee has in-depth knowledge of the organization. He strives to improve his performance during his performance period, thereby leading to an increase in production. Working in the new workplace fills new enthusiasm and vigor in the minds of the new employee.

It is essential on the part of the employee to understand the value of orientation. The orientation paves the pathway for the mutual success of the employee as well as the organization. Hence, orientation should be performed properly both on the parts of the employee and the organization.

A positive and proper orientation program helps to give a handbook of information to the employee helping him to adjust to his workplace. This is the training period of the employee during which he nourishes and flourishes his skills to serve the organization.


Orientation helps in reducing the anxiety level in the minds of the new employee. It also reduces startup costs. It even helps in reducing the turnover of the employee which occurs due to the lack of attention of the organization on the needs of the employees.

It helps in providing a real picture of the job field set by the organization. It helps in building a positive mindset and attitude in the minds of the employee thereby ensuring a prosperous professional life for both of them.

During an orientation program, the organization should behave in a professional friendly manner. The suggestions of the employees should also be taken into mind for the development of the organization. The comfort of the employees should also be prioritized.

The orientation program lasts for about two weeks at stretch. After the orientation process, the employee is asked to join the company within a time of three to four weeks.


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  1. The value of a good orientation program for an employee’s performance and enthusiasm at work is clearly outlined in the post. It’s an essential investment in human capital.

    1. I agree, a well-conducted orientation period can significantly impact an employee’s work attitude and their overall contribution to the organization.

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