How Long Do You Have To Renew Your Driver’s License After It Expires (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 Days

The driver’s license is an official document to give legal authorization to an individual. The license is to provide the specific person give the permission for one or more types of vehicles like motorcycles, cars, trucks, and buses on the public road. The size of the license is about the size of the credit card made up of plastic material. The other name used in different countries is known as driver’s permit.

The different countries have different names for this permit like in different languages like in American English, Candian English, Australian English, and New Zealand English both the words are used driver permit and driver license. There is much law related to the licensing of the drivers which varies between the jurisdictions of the different countries with a different set of rules and regulations.

How Long Do You Have To Renew Your Drivers License After It

How Long Do You Have To Renew Your Driver’s License After It Expires?

There are some jurisdictions like a license or the permit is allowed to a person after passing the driver’s license test before getting the approval. The second format is that the person is allotted the permit or license before starting to drive on the public road. There are different types of driver’s licenses for the different types of vehicles. The individual needs different types of licenses for motor vehicles, large trucks used as loadings, and passenger vehicles.

The difficulty level of the driver’s license test varies from the countries to country. The test varies on the two factors like the age and the level of practice and competence during the test. The person requires specific skills and documents to drive on the roads in every country. People can not just take their vehicles on the roads for a ride. In many countries of Asia, the driver’s license has the same number as the card holder’s ID card, it does not any photograph of the cardholder.

This driver’s license is not the specific documentation of the age proof or any legal document for the proof. In countries like Japan, Singapore, and South Korea this diver’s license is used as the identification proof of an individual. In parts of South America, the driver’s license number is the same as the ID numbers of the citizens. To apply for the license the person needs to clear a specific test after a suitable age of 18 years. In every country, the legal driving age for a person is 18 years.

Driver’s License30 Days
Aadhar Card90 Days

Why Does It Take That Long To Renew The Driver’s License After It Expires?

In India, the driver’s license is the most important document of the identification proof of an individual. There are two types of diver’s license first one is for the two-wheelers, and the second one is for the four-wheelers. The person has to pass a test for both the license. The person can not directly receive the permanent license right away in both types of license. They firstly get a temporary license which is valid for the duration of six months.

The license which is for six months is called the learner’s license. When the person receives the learner’s license the person needs to appear for the test in the RTO office. When the license holder passes the test he or she will get a permanent driver’s license. The validity of the permanent diver’s license is for the duration of 20 years. It can be used for identification proof if you go to high-security places.


If the person drives any vehicle without this license they need to pay a fine to the traffic police, or in some cases, their vehicle can also be seized in the police station. This license approves that person is eligible or not to drive a vehicle on the roads with proper road rules and regulations. Road safety is the major concern at this point in time, as the cases of road accidents are increasing day by day.


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