How Long After Pessary Can I Go To The Toilet (And Why)?

How Long After Pessary Can I Go To The Toilet (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Six To Twelve Hours

A pessary is a type of prosthetic device that is inserted into the vagina. This is primarily done for pharmaceutical and structural purposes. Urinary leakage is stopped by treating the stress urinary incontinence by this method. This method is also helpful in pelvic organ prolapse, which maintains various organs in the pelvic region.

The method is also advantageous in locally administering the medications in the vagina and can also be beneficial in contraception. The use of pessaries first took place in Egypt, where Egyptian women’s used the method for treating pelvic organ prolapse. Pessaries should be used only when a doctor advises doing so.

How Long After Pessary Can I Go To The Toilet

How Long After Pessary Can I Go To The Toilet?

Pessaries come in various sizes and shapes and are prevalent in different parts of the world. The patient must ensure that the pessary is fitted for them by a genuine health care professional for the best results. However, it has been statistically proven that if a woman is using pessary for contraceptive measures, then the woman buys the pessary without a proper prescription from the doctor. Inserting a pessary into the vagina on your own can be dangerous and can lead to severe complications.

If pessaries are not regularly maintained or are not appropriately sized, they can lead to adverse side effects and can be very painful for the woman’s body to bear. With appropriate care, doctors recommend that pessaries are safe and well-tolerated. A few additional benefits of pessaries are preventing preterm birth and incarcerated uterus and an incompetent cervix. A pessary is also valuable for supporting the uterus when it gets displaced in the beginning period of the pregnancy.

Size Of PessaryTime After Which Pessary To Go To Toilet
SmallAt least six hours
MediumAt least eight hours
LargeAt least twelve hours

Medical experts advise not to urinate after inserting the pessary in the vagina as it can lead to improper working of the pessary. If a woman uses a small pessary, she must avoid urination for at least six hours after it. A woman must wait at least eight hours after inserting a medium-sized pessary into her vagina. In large pessaries, medical practitioners recommend not using the toilet for a minimum of twelve hours.

Why Does It Take That Long After Pessary To Go The Toilet?

A pessary is an object which is needed to be inserted with a lot of precision. Otherwise, it can have adverse side effects on the woman’s body. Some of the most common side effects include odor and vaginal discharge. Inappropriate use of pessaries can also lead to the growth of unwanted bacterias in the vagina, which can be harmful to the body. If pessaries are not maintained properly, they can get stuck inside the vagina, and it can become tough to remove the pessary from the vagina.

It is advised to not use the bathroom just after utilizing a pessary because using the bathroom just after a few hours of inserting the pessary may not let the pessary fit properly and might not be very useful to treat the problems. It is advised to use the hands gently while putting or removing the pessary from the vagina. It is normal to see a few drops of blood while inserting or removing the pessary.

However, suppose a woman is negligent towards the pessary after inserting it. In that case, it can lead to life-changing problems, and it is also possible that her vagina won’t function properly. It is advised not to use pessary until and unless suggested by the doctor. The woman must remain in constant touch with the doctor and must administer the use of pessary regularly.


Finally, it can be concluded that a pessary is an object used for treating several vaginal issues in women. It is available in many shapes and sizes, and only a medical expert can decide which one is the best suitable to use in a particular condition. It is also ideal for use in early pregnancy.

On average, a woman should wait for about six to twelve hours after inserting the pessary in her vagina to use the bathroom. The exact time depends upon the size of the pessary that has been used. It is crucial to take suggestions from a medical expert while using pessaries frequently.


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