How Long After Plastering Can You Paint (And Why)?

Exact Time: 4 weeks

Plaster has to be dried completely. The characteristics of plaster are it is having good permeability that is it can take water or moisture easily. So, it is being allowed to dry. Plastering is a way in which we can make the rough surfaces of the walls, column, etc. as smooth and hence observe that it can last many years. Plaster is used for protecting and aesthetic purposes and also for molding purposes too.



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Paint is a pigment that can be in liquid form and powder form. It can be applied in thin layer form and can be applied more than once for a good coating. Mostly it is used to protect the plaster. It gives color and gives texture to the walls, floors, etc. It is in a form of a paste which is of lime or gypsum and sand and water. It becomes hard when left dried.

How Long After Plastering Can You Paint

How Long After Plastering Can You Paint?

Many factors tell about how much time it takes to paint after the plastering is done. The one is which type of weather is existing and the type of materials the mason has used. Plaster needs full 4 weeks to dry fully. It can also be dried if a heater is kept inside, or in the outside wall if you have done plastering then sun rays can also help it to dry earlier than expected.

You can also dry the internal wall plaster by opening the windows of your house. The fresh plaster needs at least 4 to 6 weeks to fully dry. Many times you have to wait for up to a month so that plaster can be dried off. You have to see that there is no patch formation occurs before you are going to paint on the wall as it will affect the aesthetic view of your room. Many times we do plastering and we coat many coats so we can apply another coating the next day.

Firstly you have to seal the initial coat and let it dry hence accordingly it will make the progress to painting as delayed to another period. The more amount of time if being given between plaster and paint the more it will be better. In a dry climate, 30 days are more than enough. Many times you can also wait for 1 week too.

Ways Time
Natural6 weeks
Artificial 4 weeks

Why Does It Take So Long To Paint After Plastering?

If the paint is applied even before the plaster can be dried then you will be going to observe that there is peeling occurring and also cracks are going to occur. The plaster which has more amount of moisture content won’t allow the paint to be applied so the problems arrived when to paint and how long to wait. As this is the way of doing the whole work so extra care is always needed.

If an artificial source is given to dry the paint like a heater etc then it is observed that it can dry fast enough as here the people can control the temperature and for quick work, this is being used. But if natural source like sunlight, wind from outside is used then it can also be dried easily but take more time than taken by artificial sources. So, in this way, we can ensure the time when to paint the room or buildings.

If the plaster is put in thin coats then the time for dry is even less than 12 hours. If a thick coat is applied then to make it dry the corruption I time is much more and even cracking is observed severely. It depends on weather conditions too. Plaster dries out by evaporative dehydration.


If mixing is done properly and the quantity is up to the desired limit then the coating of plaster is very much durable and is much stronger than the walls without any plaster. It is very much resistant to dents. As water comes out from the plaster applied then the bonds become even stronger.

Paint is used for decorative purposes. It has different colors, and a good level of finishing works. It usually protects the surface of anything from ultraviolet rays, corrosion, abrasion, humidity, etc. It protects the surface of any building, etc from environmental conditions. Bacteria, fungi, and salts are prevented by the paint. Gypsum players take less time than PC plaster.


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