How Long Does Overtone Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 Month

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There are many products that people use every month, and one of them includes hair color. In the olden days, people thought that it is impossible to change their appearances. Yet now, many products can help one change their looks. It is necessary to find the right product and the right hair color. The hair color must suit the person’s appearance, and the product must last long for at least a while. One of the best hair color brands is Overtone, which offers many colors.

According to customers, it takes about a month or two to wash them off.

How Long Does Overtone Last

How Long Does Overtone Last?

Time to let the dye soak in the hair15 minutes
Time the dye lasts if the hair is washed every day20 to 30 days
Time the dye lasts if the hair is washed every alternate day40 days

Some people have bad experiences with hair colors and dyes, because, the products can be cheap, toxic, and even change the texture of hair. Some brands have toxic ingredients and can be very complicated to apply. Overtone is not a typical dye like other brands, they are a coloring conditioner that can be very hydrating. These conditioners are pigmented and just by applying them, one can color their hair without even using actual hair dyes. These dyes are semipermanent and are made up of vegan ingredients.

Overtone hair colors contain ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and avocado oil. This company offers two coloring conditioners, different conditioners, and daily conditioners. To keep the color in, the conditioner can be used once every week and there are about 14 colors of conditioners. This coloring conditioner is moisturizing and the pigments in the conditioner change the color of the hair very smoothly. First, the hair must be sectioned from roots to tip.

Why Does Overtone Last That Long?

Apply the die and let it soak for at least 15 minutes. After that, rinse the dye. Overtone also provides conditioners that can keep the hair color last long even when one washes them regularly. Using the Overtone daily conditioner can prevent the discoloration that happens due to washes with normal shampoos.

To keep the color on, it is better to wash the hair for just 5 minutes. They also offer toning conditioner, which will help the hair keep alive and neutralized. The time overtone lasts on hair depends upon various factors like how one takes care of the hair, how often one washes the hair, and if they keep using the conditioner. Normally, without any sort of care, the hair color will last for 30 if washed every day and 40 days if washed on alternate days. Applying the conditioner every day or on alternate days can keep the hair color on for a long time.


When people wash their hair often, the color tends to fade, and at times like this, it is better to keep applying them regularly. Overtone suits all kinds of hair textures and they even received the Essence Best in Black Award. They suit curls, waves, and also straight hairs. It is better to use sulfate-free shampoos to keep the color on for long. When the hair is naturally dark and chemically lightened, one can see the combination of color in a large amount. Yet, overtone, when applied, does not show the original hair color.

It is also important to choose the right color that suits a person’s appearance. People with naturally dark hair colors can choose light colors to dye or streak, and people with natural light hair colors can choose dark colors. Whatever the hair color might be, choosing vibrant colors for streaks can be a great choice.


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