How Long After Putty Can I Paint (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 5 to 7 days

It is a supported belief prevailing that the selection of paint alone is not much efficient for gorgeous wall design and perfect or smooth finished walls. But the thing is for those smooth, glossy, and beautifully crafted walls, it needs a touch of more than just the better paints. And the thing which makes its entry into this is Wall Putty. So basically wall putty is used as an extra effort that can certainly bring abundant admiration for the walls of your home.



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But again the query comes up with what should be the right application for this fine execution. The appropriate application of wall putty should have a greater and deep impact on the final result we want to produce. Hence, if it’s your job to carve out a flawless beauty in the home wall painting finish, it is very important that the right amount of wall putty for the paintwork and the fine application tips.

How Long After Putty Can I Paint

How Long After Putty Can I Paint?

People’s Most Preferable amount  of time5 to 7 days
Dry Season’s Most Preferable amount of  time2 to 3 days
Monsoon’s Most Preferable amount of time10 to 15 Days or More.

Firstly we have to know what Putty feels like. It feels too dry to touch. But our utter experience tells that the wall Putty or plaster is also known as drywall should be completely dry, not even slightly cool to our touch, which is before the sanding, re-texturing, priming with primer, and the further application of another coat of paint. Secondly, it comes that if by chance the person does not choose to use primer on the freshly patched Putty before painting, most of us may have noticed a likely thing that a difference in between the sheen of the paint after it gets dried.

This happens all because of one thing that is the raw gypsum absorbs moisture out of the wet paint which ends up forming a better skin before the pigments in the early paint always end up making a chance for it to oxidize at the same amount of speed as because the rest of the paint on the wall was done. But again if the weather makes its way through it then the monsoon or dry weather would make it wait for more amount of time.

This is because of the presence of moisturizers in the atmosphere. And for which it will not let the wall Putty to dry. It will mostly take 10 to 20 more days in a monsoon season. Only to make it fully dried up. But making a statement to this very question that how long will it take, it will be directly answered as 5 to 7days being precise with the answer.

Why Can I Paint So Long After Putty?

So before we proceed further, a thing should be known that all the information’s provided are only based upon mere assumptions. As we can’t claim that by which time preferably the wall putty work will be completed and how much amount of time(in days) will it take to be dry. This is because it needs as much time to get dried to be able to paint. First, it is important to know that it takes the best 5 to 7 days to dry up and be ready for primer and paint.

But it takes this amount of time due to the force of nature. Let’s be precise it mainly depends upon the weather that how it acts because with that the wall putty will counter react. So preferably dry weather is needed for this quick-dry up. This is because the absence of moisture from the atmosphere makes it compatible for the applied putty to dry out soon. Then after it becomes a comfortable matter to apply the primer and paint the wall soon.

But the amount of time for the patching of the compound depends on how much time it takes to dry before it can get sanded, which can be done with priming and painted. Again it also depends on the approximate size of the area which was thoroughly patched, and the temperature and level of humidity and moisture in that précised space getting repaired. Still apart from all these if anyone chooses for monsoon or the area remains mostly under the influence of this kind of weather that is monsoon, then it is better to wait for a period.


So from the above facts, it must be clear that the period of the application of paint after the dried wall putty is too uncertain. This is because it’s the people who decide when they will apply the paint and the primer after the wall putty. As this is a common notion that the more it takes to dry up, the more efficient it will become for the further application of primer and Paint.

So, maybe a dry season or the monsoon season the wall putty needs a  considerable amount of time to show its true traits and colors.


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