How Long After Drinking Can I Take Paracetamol (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 24 hours

Nowadays the number of people consuming alcohol is rising rapidly. The mentality by which they approach use this varies according to each individual. This is because some people consume this for leisure, depression, and various other reasons.

Alcohol consumption is not necessarily a bad habit as people in the armed forces consume them to overcome the cold when they are at extremely cold places.

But it should be noted that the consumption of alcohol with paracetamol or any other pain killer of that sort can result in serious damages to the human body. Hence, it is advised to not consume them to avert any side effects.

How Long After Drinking can I Take Paracetamol

How Long After Drinking Can I Take Paracetamol?

ObjectiveTime Period
Consumption of Paracetamol after drinkingAfter 24 hours

In some cases, some people consume alcohol to minimize the pain that they are facing. But when the pain fails to subside, some people tend to consume Paracetamol after having alcohol. This can lead to serious damages to the functioning of the human body.

The long-term usage of paracetamol or any other painkillers of any sort along with alcohol can invite unnecessary health issues for the human body. This can be severe if it has been made a habit. The only safe way to consume paracetamol is to consume it along with water.

As many people already know, paracetamol is a drug to reduce pain and inflammation. But the consumption of this drug can affect the lining of the stomach which ultimately results in ulcers and bleeding. Alcohol consumption also has a similar effect. Because of which consumption of both of them simultaneously is potentially dangerous.


The combined form of alcohol and paracetamol can make the ulcers and bleeding compounded. Additionally, paracetamol consumption can change the ways of blood clotting. This drug can also be harmful to the kidney and the liver.

The consumption of alcohol and paracetamol simultaneously cannot be seen in most people as this is a weird way to take medication. However, many people do take via this method. People who do know the actual result of the combined consumption of this mixture avoid it at all costs.

The best possible time to consume paracetamol after drinking is after 24 hours. Because by that time, most of the alcohol in the body will be gone.

Why Does it Take Long After Drinking to Consume Paracetamol?

This is done so to avoid many different kinds of health issues caused by this mixture, which includes;

  1. Gastrointestinal bleeding
  2. Stroke / Cardiovascular problems
  3. Kidney damage
  4. Poor concentration

These types of issues to the body can be very much severe and if they are not treated by a qualified doctor, it can even lead to the death of the individual. Hence, this issue should not be treated lightly.

In most cases, paracetamol is consumed as a temporary drug to nullify any pain or inflammation in the body for a short period. Doctors do not recommend its consumption in the long run. Hence people consuming this drug should always follow the prescription as suggested by a qualified doctor.


Reading the medication can also avoid any kind of mistakes in the consumption of this drug. Because paracetamol can prove fatal if consumed along with some types of drugs.

It should be duly noted that paracetamol should not be consumed in any way to let go of the hangover caused by consuming alcohol. This is because having a hangover confirms the fact that the body still has alcohol present in them. Also, the lining of the stomach tends to be more vulnerable during this period. Because of which there is a possibility for ulcers and bleeding.

If in any case, paracetamol is consumed along with alcohol and symptoms like stomach cramps, fainting, blood along with vomit, etc arise, it is strongly advised to consult the nearest doctor for medication. This is done to avoid any further complications.


Having a drink or two cannot adversely affect the human body. Similarly, occasionally consuming paracetamol as a pain killer for relief is also not a problem.

Paracetamol after alcohol

But consuming too many drinks or consuming too much paracetamol can be a problem. The severity of the situation is multiplied if they both are taken simultaneously. Because of which all the doctors across the globe advise against it.

Consuming 1 tablet of paracetamol after one or two drinks cannot prove to be fatal and can be done so. This does not cause any health issues. But it is advised to not follow this method at any cost.



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