How Long do Acrylics Last - (And Why)?

How Long do Acrylics Last – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: About 2-3 weeks

You could be probably wondering what acrylic is? This is a paint made out of acrylic acid along with some artificial materials.

Acrylics are durable and long-lasting compared to traditional nail polish that chips out immediately you reach the house from the salon.

So for easy management, you should buy a full set or package of acrylics.

In case you have short and weak nails, then it is recommended that you use acrylic nails for better results and appealing look of your nails.

However, acrylics are never permanent since they are artificial; hence, do not get your hopes high about them lasting for a long time.

How Long do Acrylics Last

How long do acrylics last?

Acrylics are capable of lasting for a long time just in case you keep them properly by maintaining them.

Acrylics last for approximately 2 to 3 weeks. It is, however, advisable to see your nail professional after two weeks.

Below are some tips that will determine how long your acrylics can last and they include;

Observe cleanliness

Hygiene is the most vital factor when it comes to how long your acrylics can last.

Therefore, it is significant that you avoid anything that can cause bacterial or fungal infections in between your acrylics and your nails.

For better results of how long your acrylics would last, it is advisable; you use antibacterial hand wash.

The budget for your acrylics

Traditional polishes is cheap and affordable compared to acrylics.

Therefore, for you to come up with an idea of wanting to have acrylics on, you must budget for them since they are so costly.

Additionally, if you add up the cost of seeing the nail technician for regular fill in, the expenses might go booming up.

Your pocket will determine how long your acrylics can last.

Take vitamins and supplements

Beauty comes with a lot of work and determination.

Therefore, you must be willing to sacrifice more for your beauty.

It is advisable that more you take supplements rich in vitamin B and calcium for strong, healthy nails.

Furthermore, these supplements help in recovering in case of any injury and repair of tissues.

With this in place, you are assured that your acrylics will last longer than expected too.

Why do acrylics last that long?

Have a good nail technician

How stunning you probably want to look all depends on you.

When it comes to acrylics, whether you like it or not, you must have a professional whom you would want to meet your demands and is willing to go extra good miles for you.

Furthermore, professionals have maximum skills on how to care for you acrylics compared to an unskilled technician who will damage your nails, and sooner than you expect, your acrylics would have worn out.

This gives you a clear reason as to why your acrylics can last for a longer or shorter duration.

Schedule regular refills

How well you maintain your nails will determine how long and why they last for a particular period.

Thus, with frequent refills, be assured it will last longer, and the reason behind it is proper maintenance.

Ensure after every two weeks you visit the salon for fresh base refilling and application of fresh, top polish. This explains why it probably takes that long for acrylics to last.

Moisturizing your nails

This is a vital key to keeping your nails stunning always; furthermore, this also explains more on how long your acrylics would last and why?

Thus, moisturizing your nails will maintain the natural health of your nails and give you an excellent look.


From the above tips, you will be able to look after your nail and maintain your acrylics pretty well.

As you have seen for stunning beauty, you have to put in more effort to determine how long you will look pretty, go for your choice.

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