How Long Does a MacBook Air Last – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 5 years

The MacBook Air is a line of laptops developed and produced by Apple Inc. On January 15th, 2008, the MacBook Air series was introduced by Apple. It was promoted as the world’s thinnest notebook, beating the record earlier put by the Toshiba Portege R200. It was also Apple’s first laptop with an optional solid-state drive (SSD).

This was the first generation of MacBook Air laptops. Apple released the 2nd and 3rd generations of MacBook Air computers in October 2010 and October 2018, respectively. These second and third-generation laptops were each made to be more advanced than their predecessors.

How Long Does a MacBook Air last

How Long Does a MacBook Air last

MacBook Air Hardware PartLifespan
Hard Drive3-5 years
Processor3-5 years
Battery3-5 years
Screen3-5 years

Everyone has an individual perspective on how he or she defines a computer’s lifespan. Once the latest model of a MacBook Air is acquired, it can remain productive for around five years. Apple laptops have a productive lifespan of three to five years, depending on how they are being used.

MacBook Air laptops, like any machine out there, are prone to mechanical or physical damage. This can affect them at any time, even at the store, before they are sold to users. This laptop series was designed to be the lightest and thinnest but not the toughest.

Most of MacBook Air users complain of the screen’s hinges becoming a bit lose after about five years of use. This is due to the repeated movement around the hinges while flipping up and down the screen.

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Some MacBook Air users are still using the first generation laptops launched back in 2008. Having a productive lifespan of 5 years does not mean that the computer becomes utterly useless after the five years are over. Even after the hinges grow loose, the MacBook Air still performs quite well.

Most problems that affect this laptop after five years of use are mechanical. It is rare to find a MacBook Air that has performance issues after five years of use. Mechanical problems are fixed by replacing the parts that have undergone wear or those that have seized to function altogether. Almost 70% of MacBook Air users use their laptops for more than five years.

Why Does MacBook Air Last That Long?

The following are some of the reasons the MacBook Air has an average lifespan of five years:

System updates

After around five years of use, Apple stops supporting the laptop with system updates. This doesn’t mean that the computer is no longer functional. The operating system (OS) on the computer can still run correctly. The only disadvantage is that the user won’t enjoy the new features introduced by the new Mac Operating system. Some users go ahead and buy the latest laptop models to enjoy the new OS features.

What is the laptop for?

Some users use their laptops for graphic designs, communication, or general office work. These users, especially those using their laptops for office work, are always on their laptops. A lot of work in the office is done using computers and laptops. Their laptops have to have a strong processing unit; otherwise, they will start overheating and subsequently having battery issues.

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Features and capabilities

Every generation of the MacBook Air comes with certain features and capabilities. As indicated above, some laptops are used for more than they can handle. Some programs or applications, especially games that are run on the computer, require too much RAM usage or CPU usage. If the laptop runs an app, it can’t handle well after some time it will crash. The user should understand the laptop’s capabilities and run programs and applications it can handle.

Proper care and use

Physical or mechanical damage on the laptop can occur at any time. It is, therefore, the user’s responsibility to ensure that the MacBook Air laptop is kept safe from the time of purchase.

There are many definitions of a laptop’s lifespan, as stated previously. The standard lifespan that seems to be set by Apple for its laptops is around five years. This is a reasonable time putting in mind that laptops are machines that are used by many people on a day to day basis.

Proper maintenance and care is key to increasing the MacBook Air laptop’s lifespan. Any MacBook that is properly maintained can last several years or decades.


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  1. I will be getting my MacBook air next month. Only five years of lifespan? This is disappointing.

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