How Long After RDC To Delivery (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Within A Week

RDC stands for Regional Distribution Centre in the Royal Mail Tracking or RMT. RMT is considered the most used package service globally, with millions of customers trusting its service.

It was started about fifty years ago as a small company for delivery. Time and efforts have made it go a long way.

With time and effort, they have evolved into a billion company. It is driven by a purpose to cater to the needs of its customers.

It serves as the medium of connection in more than one hundred and fifty nations across the world. It transports via railways, roadways, and airways. Its popularity is increasing day by day.

How Long After RDC To Delivery

How Long After RDC To Delivery?

RMT is one of the first companies to provide overnight deliveries in other countries under its flagship service scheme. The initial services of the company were only limited to parts of the United States and neighboring countries.

Still, soon all the facilities were extended to other parts of the globe. The United States government authorizes RMT, and it is also responsible for delivering the postal package in the country.

RMT has developed a new service named RMT post for delivering these services.

Regional Distribution Centre in the Royal Mail Tracking

RMT is also a sponsor of various sporting events. RMT sponsors popular sports tournaments across the globe. RMT is also seen in multiple films for promotional purposes.

This strategy is used because RMT has a vast customer base, and it helps other events to gain public support from it. Memphis International Airport is the central hub of RMT delivery services, and all the international delivery items are shipped from this place initially.

It is one of the busiest cargo airports globally and is the center stage for all the delivery work of RMT.

Name Of The CountriesTime Taken To Deliver
United StatesOne day
Other CountriesFive to seven days

The exact time taken to deliver a package from the RDC depends on the location of the customer. If the package is to be delivered in the United States, then it takes only one day.

In the case of other countries, it can take up to seven days.

Why Does It Take That long After RDC To Delivery?

Smith founded the company in the year 1971 in Little Rock, Arkansas. Smith was a graduate of the Arkansas University and wanted to bridge the gap in the connectivity between different countries.

He wanted a fast and safe system that can help in urgent deliveries of the package. Smith didn’t get enough support from his colleagues and professors, so he started the company on a small basis in some parts of the United States.

Regional Distribution Centre in the Royal Mail Tracking

Slowly, the company gained massive success and is now the leading delivery service in the world.

For a successful shipping process, the transfer of the product must be highly synchronized. Since it is a chain process, disruption will cause a lot of time to resolve at any juncture.

In modern times, the customer is also given a tracking number that helps the buyer track the package online. If the buyer finds that the package is stuck at the same place for a long time, they can immediately inquire about the shipping company.

Royal mail tracking or RMT has gained massive public support in the last few decades, and the profit has risen exponentially. RMT is also responsible for giving employment to a considerable section of society.

Regional Distribution Centre in the Royal Mail Tracking 2

It is also crucial to give correct details while placing a delivery order in RMT to smooth the package’s smooth delivery.


Overall, it can be concluded that RMT is one of the leading companies that deliver worldwide. It has also started several other services for the benefit of the customers.

The company is located in America and has a customer base in all the major countries.

It can take anywhere up to seven days for a package to get delivered from RDC. The customer is also given a tracking number by which they can track their package and complain to the website if the package is stuck somewhere.

RDC is also responsible for delivering postal packages in the United States.


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