How Long Does StockX Take to Ship – (And Why)?

How Long Does StockX Take to Ship – (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 6-10 days

StockX is an online clothes and sneakers reseller company that is based in Detroit and was found by Dan Gilbert, Greg Schwartz, and Josh Luber between 2015 and 2016. The company has grown fast and has employed more than 800 workers.

When looking for an online company that offers quality sneakers at an affordable price without having to be scammed, then StockX is the place to be. This company has become famous for its amazing sneakers from Yeezy to Air Jordan, Adidas, and Nike, among other well-known brands.

In today’s article, we shall be discussing how long does StockX take to ship and why,

How Long Does StockX Take to Ship

How long does StockX take to ship?

When buying from the company, usually, StockX strives to complete the orders in a couple of days. They take approximately six to ten business days.

You should note that these business days do not include holidays and weekends.

However, most of the StockX orders are completed on time. Shipping times vary, these are because it depends on how fast the seller sends the item.


Before shipping, the item has to be authenticated by the company.

Once the item has gone through verification successfully, you will be able to track it using tracking information sent to your email. When you sell a product via StockX, you will receive a confirmation email with your shipping deadline.

The mail will be sent once your product has successfully passed verification, and the transaction is complete. You will as well have a deadline provided for you to print out the shipping label.

Once you are through, you should pack the item correctly and send it via UPS. When shipping, the new release sneakers and streetwear are given at least three business days.

Supreme designs are given at least five business days. This is because of the nature of shipping Supreme products.

For other orders such as sneakers that are sold on a weekend or after the day of their original release are given two business days to ship.

StockX Shipping

Why does it long for StockX to deliver?

Shipping items from StockX depends on different variables. Usually, different products feature different shipping days, as previously stated.

When a seller delays delivery, then the item will take long before it is shipped to you.

How to conduct shipping on StockX?

Once you sell a product on StockX, you will have two business days to ship it using UPS to the StockX authentication center. Shipping sold items to the authentication center might seem a simple task; however, various essential aspects need to be considered, or everything will go wrong.


So let’s get discuss these aspects;

  1. Place the invoice in an envelope and insert it inside the product.
  2. Put the product in a shipping box with ample space.
  3. Cover the product using bubble wrap before putting it into the shipping box.
  4. Tape to secure the shipping box.
  5. You can either insert or tape the UPS label on the shipping box.
  6. Ensure there are no personal belongings in the shipping box.


When shipping an item does not tape onto the shipping box, instead place it inside the box. Furthermore, do not forget to place the item when shipping. Some individuals forgot and shipped empty boxes.

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  1. Given the complexities involved in shipping with StockX, it’s crucial for sellers to pay close attention to the requirements and deadlines. This article sheds light on the necessary steps for a successful shipping process.

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  2. It’s concerning to hear about potential delays caused by sellers. StockX should take measures to hold sellers accountable for meeting shipping deadlines to avoid inconveniencing buyers.

    1. I agree, the issue of seller delays needs to be addressed by StockX. Buyers rely on timely delivery and delays can impact their experience negatively.

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    2. I share your concerns. The potential for delays due to sellers is a valid point that StockX should address.

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