How Long After It Says Out For Delivery (And Why)?

How Long After It Says Out For Delivery (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 1 hour to 48 hours

In this internet era, every one of us orders things online for various reasons which reach us within a range of period, and at a point in time, we get a notification as “out for delivery”.

Often, the term makes us think that product is near our house, whereas it originally means that a specific vehicle has picked up your order from the hub or warehouse to reach your destination.

Rarely, you can’t consider the package to be in the same country or the state you live in, and depends on the mode of transport. In a few cases, the process involved in delivering the product takes more time and is more complex.

How Long After It Says Out For Delivery

How Long After It Says Out For Delivery?

If the tracking app shows, out for delivery, it means it could reach you even in the next few couples of minutes or may take longer depending on various factors.

It does not only varies from person to person but varies for each delivery for a particular person. This process might take several hours to proceed and also depends on the mode of transport and the online shopping portal.

Such as in UPS, once it is mentioned as “Out For Delivery”, though delivery time depends on the distance of the location from the warehouse, and the driver may choose the route which is convenient for him.

The parcel should reach the customer nearly from 4 to 5 hours before signing for it. 

In the case of Amazon, the order is between the hub and your particular location and it takes nearly from 3 to 12 hours to get delivered.

It rarely gets delayed due to some unavoidable issues, depending on who is doing the “last mile” delivery for Amazon, whether it is an Amazon Delivery Provider or an Amazon Flex delivery driver.

If it is a Flex driver, they cover routes that are around for 3 to 4 hours and you may get your product within this range of time.

You may still verify the exact time or inform us in case you are not available to receive the package on the day of delivery.

Sometimes, in the case of small packages, the order may be misplaced in the wrong vehicle, to avoid this circumstance, a few companies keep the minimum size of the delivery.

In summary,

Company (Online shopping portal)Time taken (in hours )

Why It Take That Long to Receive After It says Out For Delivery?

Customers usually, expect fast delivery of the product or order, few online portals like Flipkart, and Amazon are updating their version and technology to get error-free process and to automate the rapid delivery.

A tracking app is useful in this situation where customers get exact information about the delivery status, once the status is, “out for delivery”, you may expect your order most probably on the same day or the next day.

When you place an order in any of the shopping portals, the process goes as follows, the pin code of the destination is checked with the database of the respective portal and as the next step, the package is transferred to the warehouse or hub which is nearest to the destined location.

Usually, these processes are time-sensitive but in rare cases, due to issues on the way, it may get delayed, where the status will be “Failed Attempt” or “Exception”. 

Nowadays, companies make use of new technology to find out the optimized route from the hub to the list of locations. In the case of companies like Amazon, Your order will be on the priority list, if you have paid extra for rapid delivery

The person who delivers will be allotted a particular area or route along with the details of the customer and product. You may get your order sooner if your location is top among the others.

The nearer the location to the hub, the sooner you will receive your order. 


You will receive a notification on the respective portal of each activity. If the status is shipped, the order is one the way and when it is out for delivery, it is the last step of the complete process.

A few times, there may be a chance of failure of delivery, where the delivery boy fails to successfully deliver the package or order.

You will be notified by a message or call regarding this and it depends on you for further procedures. It might happen due to reasons such as the absence of the receiver, incorrect delivery address, or when the delivery boy fails to attain the address. 


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