How Long After Bleaching Can I Bleach Again (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 3 Weeks

Your hair is the most vital part of your body because your hair gives the overall look of your body and defines your face cutting. Well, most people just damage it just by applying several kinds of chemicals like bleaching, coloring, and other sorts of things.



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Most people opt for bleaching because this will lighten the hair and after that, they color their hair. But, this does not happen for most people because their hair is weak and bleaching damages their hair. Bleaching is a process that uses mild chemicals while applied to the hair and before you decide to bleach once again you have to wait for at least 3 weeks.

How Long After Bleaching Can I Bleach Again

How Long After Bleaching Can I Bleach Again?

Second time bleachingNot recommended at all
If bleaching is done for the second timeOnly after 3 weeks

Bleaching for the second time is not at all recommended because your hair weakens just after you bleach for the first time. Second bleaching is just putting yourself at more risk of overprocessing and most likely of a breakage.

Your hair needs time to return to its maximum normal position after you bleach for the first time. This is one of the reasons why you should wait for at least a few weeks before you decide to bleach again.

However, there are certainly other factors that will tell when you should bleach your hair soon after you have done your first bleach. You must work it out with your hair professional or an expert in the area and ask for their advice on bleaching once again.

Once you start losing hair then there is no permanent solution to bring your hair back. It is then you have to start hair treatment like hair transplant and other such kinds of surgeries. Well, that could be a long and expensive process. So, be careful about the things that you do with your hair.

For best results, you shouldn’t bleach at all because it will only damage your hair and make your hair weak. There could be some kinds of side effects too because of the chemicals used in the process of bleaching.

Why Does It Take That Long To Bleach After Bleaching?

Bleaching can be done either at your home or it can be done at a salon too. But, when you are doing it at your home you should do it carefully and professionally because the process could be risky. Make sure you follow all the instructions written on the package or ask an expert about the whole process.

Bleaching once again takes about three or more than three weeks time depending on various factors. Depending on the condition of your hair it is recommended that you should wait at least a month for the next bleaching process.

You should remember that bleaching involves a chemical process that wreaks havoc on your hair, so you should not bleach your hair two days in a row or twice on the same day. It would just cause damage and there will be no good done to your hair.

The process of bleaching includes removing the color from the strands of your hair by penetrating the hair fiber and eliminating the melanin which now leaves your hair prone to damage. You can only bleach your hair on certain levels depending n the color of your hair and the color that you want to achieve.

It is best you ask a professional or an expert to handle the bleaching process because you might not have that much of an idea about the process.


In the end, it is your hair health that matters the most. Think twice before going to things like bleaching and coloring and other kinds of stuff. Bleaching is one of the most dangerous things for your hair because it damages the natural color of your hair.

However, if you think you can handle the damage or the results after bleaching then you can go for it because you have to decide whether you want your hair bleached or not. It is best you ask an expert about the whole process and then move on with it.


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