How Long After Skin Needling Can I Wear Makeup (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 72 hours

Skin needling is a great treatment done for treating the issues of uneven skin texture. Skin texture issues are not good for people who apply makeup on a daily basis. Micro-needling improves the skin texture by allowing the makeup to sit properly.

The person has to wait for around 72 hours after the micro-needling treatment is done to wear makeup. Some people will be allowed to wear makeup after 48 hours of the micro-needling treatment. The waiting time would be different for each and every person.

Once the treatment is over, the person is not allowed to apply any type of skin product on the face. The person should completely avoid applying sunscreen or skin lotion after the micro-needling treatment.

How Long After Skin Needling Can I Wear Makeup

How Long After Skin Needling Can I Wear Makeup?

Skin Needling How Long After Skin Needling Can I Wear Makeup
Minimum time48 hours
Maximum time72 hours

The post-skin needling treatment would not be very difficult, but the person has to hydrate the skin. Some people may recover in 7 to 10 days while others may start applying makeup in just 4 to 5 days. The skin needling treatment would cause redness to the skin. The skin redness would take some time to get treated.

Once the redness and tightness of the skin are gone, then the person can start applying makeup. People can recover soon if they do proper hydration. Hydration would prevent the skin from getting dry very quickly. The tightness of the skin is a very common sign after the skin needling treatment.

Applying moisturizer after 24 hours would help in keeping the skin internally hydrated and moisturized. The skin needling treatment would cause micro-injuries in some people. These micro-injuries would take time to get treated.

The recovery phase would become faster if the person would be able to allow the skin to breathe properly.

Once the top upper layer of the skin would get recovered completely, then the person may be allowed to apply makeup. The expert or professional would be the best person to tell the exact time of applying makeup after the skin needling treatment.

Why Can I Wear Makeup This Long After Skin Needling?

The skin needling treatment is done with the help of small needles. These needles are used to prick the skin for doing the derma roller procedure. The main motive for doing this treatment is to increase the collagen level. The treatment would help in toning up the skin.

Skin needling is a great process to reduce pores and treat wrinkles. People with scars can also try the skin-needling treatment. This collagen induction therapy would help in giving you smooth skin for flawless makeup application.

Everyone can apply the following products after the skin needling process is over. Make sure to check with the skin specialist to know the time for using these skin products. These are:

Sunscreen- Everybody can apply sunscreen on their skin after the treatment is done. Mostly, everyone would have to stop using sunscreen for the first 24 hours after the treatment. Try not to use any chemical-based sunscreen as it would not support the healing process.

Aloe vera- The expert may allow the person for using aloe vera on the skin after the skin needling treatment. Aloe vera is renowned for its effectiveness to treat any type of skin irritation. Aloe vera application would help in making the recovery process faster. Applying aloe vera would give good protection to the skin.

Everyone looking for a natural skin moisturizer can start using aloe vera after the skin needling.

Everyone can use coconut oil, hyaluronic acid, mild cleansers, and other medicated products after 24 to 48 hours of the skin needling treatment.


The skin needling process would be great for skin rejuvenation. The micro punctures done during the professional treatment would help in rejuvenating the skin. Many people try to achieve the same results by using rollers. Rollers are not as effective as the skin-needling treatment.

The person would get bright skin after roller application, but would not have it for a long time. Everyone needs to wait for at least 48 hours before applying makeup on the face.



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