How Long After Sleeping Do You Dream (And Why)?

How Long After Sleeping Do You Dream (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Up to 2 hours

The person would start dreaming after 2 hours of sleep. Rapid eye movement sleep is the reason someone dreams. The person during the non-rapid eye movement may not get to see any vivid dreams.

The main reason is that during a rapid eye movement sleep, the brain won’t receive any visual pieces of information. During the rapid eye movement sleep, your brain would be extremely active.

The brain would keep on working even if the body is at rest or paralyzed when the person is sleeping. Therefore, people may start seeing dreams after 1 to 2 hours of sleep. There are many stages of both REM and non-REM sleeps.

Rapid eye movement sleep is healthy as it would help the brain to function effectively.

How Long After Sleeping Do You Dream

How Long After Sleeping Do You Dream?

Dreaming After SleepHow Long After Sleeping Do You Dream
Minimum time1 hour
Maximum time2 hours

The dreams during REM sleep are more vivid as compared to non-REM sleep. The first cycle of rapid eye movement sleep would not last for more than 5 minutes. Then the person would go back to the non-rapid eye movement cycle.

When someone enters into the second stage of the REM sleep, then the stage would be longer than the previous one. If the person sleeps for 10 hours, then REM sleep would occur for one-quarter of 10 hours.

All the person would not have the same time to see dreams, as it depends on the length of the rapid eye movement sleeps. Every human would have different lengths of both non-REM and REM sleep.

The number of dreams someone can have is completely unpredictable. Some people may not remember the dream they saw last time. Many experts believe that the time someone spends in the REM dream would depend on how long a person can see a dream.

The person’s body would be paralyzed while dreaming. The eye movements are quick during the rapid eye movement sleep. During this, the major muscle groups of your body would stay in the paralyzed state. Acting out the dreams can happen in some people.

The people who are going through RBD would start acting out the dream they see. REM sleep behaviour disorders would cause the person to make noise and sounds while dreaming.

Why Do You Dream This Long After Sleeping?

The length of the dream depends on how many hours the person spends in the REM sleep stage. The REM sleep first stage begins after 1 hour and 30 minutes of a person falling asleep. Therefore the person has to wait for at least 60 to 90 minutes to see the dream.

The first stage of the rapid eye movement would be very short as compared to the second stage. Therefore, the person would not be able to see a clear dream during the first stage. The brain would decide if the person will remember the dream or not.

The melanin-concentrating hormone would be responsible for weakening the memory-making function during sleep. The weakening of memory occurs at the hypothalamus of the brain during the rapid eye movement of sleep.

Therefore, if the memory is completely damaged or weakened by the hormone, then the person will not be able to remember the dream.

Some people would see dreams in black and white colors. This mainly happens in older aged people. There are some medications that will affect the dreams someone sees. Medications such as beta-blockers would increase the power of dreams.

Beta-blockers are also known for reducing the blood pressure of humans.


The dreaming length is different for all people. Some people may dream very short while other dreams for a long time. There are many people who will wake up after a dream and would remember the dreams they saw.

During the night, when the person is sleeping, the brain would not stop functioning. If someone sees nightmares constantly, then talking to the doctor would help in identifying any medical issues.


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