How Long After Sweating Should I Shower (And Why)?

How Long After Sweating Should I Shower (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 20 minutes

Having a bath after a shower would not help, as the body needs some time to recover. After a workout, the body would be experiencing muscle ache and this needs time to get reduced. The heartbeat of a person would be very high after an intense workout.

The person would take around 20 minutes to relax properly. Therefore, if someone is sweating, then having a shower after 20 minutes would help in the recovery of muscles. Taking shower after a workout is very important as the hygiene would be maintained properly.

The muscles need to cool down after any type of workout. Therefore, having an instant shower after sweating would not let your body cool down.

How Long After Sweating Should I Shower

How Long After Sweating Should I Shower?

Shower After SweatingHow Long After Sweating Should I Shower
Minimum waiting time15 minutes
Maximum waiting time30 minutes

Maintaining the post-workout routine is vital for avoiding muscle injuries. There are many people who skip following a post-workout recovery routine. This may cause many types of health problems. The person should always give some time to the body for cooling down.

The lactic acid can get trapped in the sore muscles if the person would not massage the body properly with water. Everyone should have a good and comfortable shower with the required temperature of the water after the sweating.

The lactic acid would not leave the sore muscles if the person skip taking shower after sweating. Everyone is required to take shower after sweating to prepare the muscles for the next workout session. A cold shower is very effective for reducing the amount of cardiac stress in the body.

The cold shower would help to get the heart rate back to normal after the workout. There are many other active recovery exercises that people can do for cooling down. People always get confused between hot and cold showers after the sweating is over.

Both are good in different ways, but a cold shower is more beneficial for post-workout recovery.

When someone workout for a long time, the body would get in touch with many bacteria present in the environment. Working out in the gym or closed surface would host many bacteria. The person should take shower after 20 to 30 minutes of sweating.

Having a shower with body wash or soap would remove the dead skin cells from the upper layer of the skin. These dead cells can be the reason for bacterial infections affecting the human skin.

Why Should I Shower This Long After Sweating?

After a workout, the person’s immune system gets a little disturbed. Therefore, taking shower after sweating would boost the immune system. The person should start a cool-down exercise for around 10 minutes after the workout.

The cool-down exercise would reduce the heart rate to some extent. Then the person should start doing some stretching exercises to get the heart rate back to normal. Stretching would also help in preventing lactic acid formation in the sore muscles.

After all these, the person can have a shower with soap or body wash. Make sure to cover the major muscles involved in the workout. Sweating would open the pores to get the sweat out from the body. These open pores can easily get clogged by the leftover sweat or the cells of the skin.

Clogged pores would mainly happen if the person skip having a shower after sweating. Clogged pores would call for sweat pimples and breakouts. The person should take shower after 20 to 30 minutes of sweating to prevent blackheads and whiteheads.


The shower after a workout would help in maintaining the normal temperature of the body. Everyone should take shower after sweating as a vital part of the post-workout recovery routine. Skipping a shower after a workout would be a reason for many skin problems.

Showering after a workout would keep the heart health maintained by reducing cardiac stress and heart rate.


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