How Long After SSDI Hearing For Back Pay (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 60 Days

SSDI is also known as Social Security Disability Insurance. It is a tax-funded program that is introduced by the United States Government. SSDI is provided to a person who has a physical or mental disability and they are unable to get employment due to the disability.



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The process is to first claim for SSDI benefit via an application. Once the application is approved, the applicant can get the disbursement. Once the application is approved, there s a waiting period of five months to get the benefit amount. The five-month waiting period is mandatory, irrespective of whether the approval is received after a week or after a month of application.

If the application for getting SSDI benefits is rejected, a person can file an appeal for back pay.

How Long After SSDI Hearing For Back Pay

How Long After SSDI Hearing For Back Pay?

SSDI back pay is the benefit that a person gets if they are qualified for the SSDI benefit, but their application was denied or rejected. The SSDI back pay includes the accrued payment from the time a person becomes disabled. It also includes the time for which the person was waiting for the approval of the initial claim, and the time it took for the appeal for back pay. 

To accept any application for SSDI, the application is scrutinized and cross-checked with documents. If the government finds that the application is not complete or is irrelevant, they can deny the benefits. The denial of the application is informed to the applicant via a letter of denial.

Once an applicant receives a letter of denial, they can appeal for the back pay. They can get the back pay for as long a 12 months. As of 2011, the applicant should have a bank account in which the back pay amount will be deposited, If all the documents regarding the appeal are in proper order, and the applicant has a valid bank account, then the back pay amount gets credited to their bank account in a maximum of 60 days.

ConditionThe time in which the back pay is deposited
Proper application with correct documentsWithin 60 days
Lack of documents/ Technical glitchesA few days over 60 days

Why So Long For Back Pay After SSDI Hearing?

Getting SSDI benefits is subject to approval from the Social Security Administration (SSA). Since benefits are provided all across the states, it might take some time to settle the back pay. There are a few other reasons why it can take 60 days or sometimes a little more for the back pay for SSDI. The reasons are as follows:

  • The primary reason why it takes so much time for getting the appeal for SSDI back pay settled is the investigation and cross-checking. Since the back pay appeal is done when the initial claim is denied from the SSA, the SSA runs a complete check as to why the claim was denied in the first place. Once all the checks are cleared, the appeal is approved, and the applicant can start getting their monthly benefit. 
  • The other reason why it takes so much time is the volume of the application that needs to be checked. There is numerous appeal that has to be cross-checked. Hence, an approximate time frame of 60 days is given so that it can be settled properly.
  • Since there is a lot to check, there are sometimes unforeseen technical and non-technical glitches that can extend the investigation time considerably. There can be rare cases when the time to settle the appeal for the back pay can be more than 60 days. Even when 60 days is the time limit, people often get their back pays sooner too.


The back pay of the waiting period till the approval for SSDI will be paid in full in the first month when the payments start. It is also known as lump sum back pay. In case of rejection, a lawyer or advocate can contest the case in court. Based on all facts, the administrative law judge will either approve or reject the appeal. 

Since the application to get SSDI benefit is tedious, there are various law firms or consultants that can get the process done easily, as they have experience and knowledge about the disability law. 


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