How Long Is Melly In Jail For (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Awaiting Trial

YNW (Young Nigga World) Melly is the stage name for Jamell Maurice Demons, who was born in 1999. YNW Melly is a rapper who is famous for his songs “Murder On My Mind,” “Mixed Personalities,” and “Suicidal.” He has worked with many renowned artists like Kanye West.

YNW Melly is in the news for the crimes that he has committed. He has been under arrest for multiple charges over the years. The charges range from carrying drugs to first-degree murder. Some of which led to imprisonment. As of the recent events, the state has appealed for the death penalty for Melly, but he is still awaiting trial.

How Long Is Melly In Jail For


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How Long Is Melly In Jail For?

The famous hip-hop artist YNW Melly besides being a celebrity is guilty of different crimes over the years. YNW Melly was first arrested in the year 2015, on three counts of aggravated assault. He was allegedly found firing shots with a firearm.

He was arrested and put behind the bars for about a year. However, he was released on probation after spending one year in jail. It is also a known fact that while Melly was in jail, he wrote the song “Murder On My Mind”. It was again in 2018 that Melly made news regarding another crime.

This time, Melly got arrested along with his crew member YNW Bortlen. They both were charged with gun and drug charges. They had weapons, along with marijuana. They were also carrying drug paraphernalia. 

However, both Melly and Bortlen were released the next day on bond. It was not the end of the crime committed by Melly. In 2019, Melly was arrested again for the possession and use of marijuana and paraphernalia in Lee County, Fla. This time, he had to face a jail time of about three weeks. He was released after three weeks.

In February 2019, Melly shocked the world when he was arrested for first-degree murder. He was arrested for the murder of other YNW members.

Melly was arrested by the police for double homicide. It is alleged that Melly has murdered his NYW fellow members YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser. It is also believed the NYW Bortlen was an accomplice to the murder. 

Timeline Charges Melly was booked for
October 20, 2015Melly got arrested for High School Shooting
June 30, 2018Melly was booked with gun and drug charges
January 3, 2019Melly got arrested with drug charges
February 13, 2019Melly got arrested for double-homicide first-degree murder
February 21, 2019Melly and his fellow member were found to be suspects in a 2017 murder case

Why Is Melly In Jail For So Long?

Melly a.k.a Melvin is famous for his criminal history as he is well-known for his professional career. There are a few reasons why Melly is still in jail and is facing the death penalty. The reasons are as below:

  • The primary reason for the appeal for the death sentence is the first-degree murder that Melly has committed. The murder has been booked under premeditated murder. The crime is considered to be heinous.
  • Along with the murder charges, Melly has many other convictions to his name. From drugs possession to shooting, he has been linked as an accessory to murder and has also been found to be violating the probation. All these convictions are enough for a long time in custody.
  • Besides, there is alleged evidence against most of his crimes. Based on the evidence, the court has made an appeal for a death sentence to be given to Melly. Although Melly has pleaded not guilty, the defense team has a strong case against him.


There had been several attempts by Melly and his team to get him out of the jail on bond. However, Melly is awaiting trial. His accomplice Bortlen is said to have chances to be released on bond.

Melly is currently in custody for his double murder. He is being held at Broward County Jail.

Given the number of crimes that Melly has committed, and the evidence supporting it, there is a slim chance that he will be able to evade the death sentence.



Last Updated : 23 February, 2024

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