How Long Do Hearing Aids Last (And Why)?

How Long Do Hearing Aids Last (And Why)?

Exact Answer: Around 7 Years

People who are nowadays born with disabilities, or lose some of their abilities as they age, have the technology to support them. Since technology has grown a great deal, there are now ways to fix almost everything. As people need medical fixes as they age, doctors nowadays use technology to fix any health issues they can.

Technology and high-end equipment are nowadays used in surgeries, and they are also used to make technical fixes, like hearing aids. Hearing aids are probably one of the most important devices the technical world offered in the field of medicine.

Humans despite their age, get hearing disabilities. Kids, adults, and older people, anybody can need a hearing aid. Some people lose their hearing completely, while some lose their hearing partially.

How Long Do Hearing Aids Last

How Long Do Hearing Aids Last?

The lifespan of hearing aidsTime
The minimum lifespan of hearing aids3 years
The average lifespan of hearing aids7 years
It is better to replace the hearing aids after5 To 6 Years

People lose their hearing to trauma accidents, while some are born with hearing disabilities. When someone buys a new pair of hearing aids, they always want to know how long they last. Just like every other piece of technical equipment, hearing aids also have a life expectancy. In the old days, hearing aids lasted only for about a year or two.

Although now, with the right technology, hearing aids manufactured nowadays last for about three to seven years without a doubt. Yet, it is always better to replace the hearing aids after 5 to 6 years, because after that, issues can arise. The maximum lifespan of hearing aids is 7 years, and they can last for about 3 years without any sort of care.

Things that determine the average lifespan of hearing aids include the materials that are used to make the hearing aids, how the hearing aids are cleaned, how the hearing aids are worn, where and how they are stored, the physiology of the body, how it is maintained if there are any technological advancements and hearing needs. Hearing aids are made up of metal, silicon, polymers, and even plastic. After a while, the structure of the hearing aids will slowly go into degradation.

Why Do Hearing Aids Last That Long?

Hearing aids made nowadays have a nanocoating protective layer around them, which will keep water, dust, and moisture away from technical aspects of the hearing aids. The person should also maintain their hearing aids and protect them from any sort of impact or shock.

Hearing aids are also exposed to everything a body is exposed to, so they must be cleaned too. Hearing aids are constantly exposed to sweat, skin oils, sunlight, water, dush, and they are also exposed to earwax regularly. Some people think it is enough to clean the hearing aids once or twice an ear, by giving them to a professional. Although to increase the life expectancy of the hearing aids, it is better to clean the hearing aids every day and give them to a professional every three or four months to get cleaned.

Always know how to handle the hearing aids in specific environments, and it is better to get the advice of a hearing care professional. Cleaning the hearing aid is important, but cleaning it with the right fabric is also important. The style of hearing aids a person uses also matters. Hearing aids that are fixed behind the ear last longer than ones that are fixed inside the year. Hearing aids with rechargeable features also tend to last longer.


Rechargeable hearing aids with lithium batteries last for about 4 to 5 years without a doubt, and when the batteries are weak, the person can always change the batteries. Since technology is developing every single day, it is better to update the hearing aids.

When someone owns an old model of hearing aids, it is important to change them often, because, the manufacturers might stop making replacement parts, 5 to 6 years after a hearing aid is first released into the markets.

When the hearing aid is damaged in any way, it is important to replace the parts, and for those who sweat profusely, they should change their hearing aids after 5 to 8 years. Hearing aids are available in all sizes for every age group and gender, so when children get hearing aids, they must be replaced as they grow.


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