How Long After Taking Euthyrox Can I Eat (And Why)?

Exact Time: 45 to 60 minutes

Euthyrox is used to treat hypothyroid. So, what it does is replaces the hormones related to the thyroid or providing these hormones that are obviously produced by the Thyroid gland. Basically hypothyroid mainly occur due to any sort of medications or exposure to radiations or may be naturally.



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Euthyrox is also known as Levothyroxine. It is used to treat deficits related to thyroid hormones. Also, it is used to prevent tumors related to the thyroid. Euthyrox is also used for the treatment of goiter too. Euthyrox is a synthetic compound. This medicine should be used as directed by the doctors.

How Long After Taking Euthyrox Can I Eat

How Long After Taking Euthyrox Can I Eat?

It has been suggested by doctors and experts that you have to wait at least for 1 hour if you want to drink something like coffee. As this affects very much worse to the medicine which you have intake. So you have to wait for it. You can’t take the food just after the medicine or just before the medicine as it will affect the absorption rate of medicine in the blood as told by the researchers.

People are being told that you should eat Euthyrox for 30 to 60 minutes before taking any food on a void stomach so that no absorption takes place. Many people say that you have to wait for 1 hour then eat. You have to eat this medicine with some fluid like water. Some sources say that you can wait up to 45 minutes and eat this medicine on an empty stomach.

The absorption of Euthyrox is decreased by foods which are: soybean, walnuts, obviously calcium related foods, etc. You have to avoid foods such as these for many hours or if possible. You can’t eat calcium and iron foods within 4 hours of the medicine. You are being allowed to take the medicine on an empty stomach 30 minutes earlier before going to take breakfast. Also when you are going to take the medicine at night then there must be a gap of at least 4 hours.

Foods And DrinksTime
For CoffeeAfter 1 hour
Calcium containing foodsAfter 4 hours

Why Does It Take So Long To Eat After Taking Euthyrox?

This medicine is absorbed in the gut so its absorption can be decreased by using calcium, foods, and other medications. Hence, it is advised that you have not eaten anything related to these as it delays the process of eating the foods. The pill should not be dissolved on the mouth or throat as then medicines may not be absorbed properly. Because if such happen then their effects have lost so they cannot do proper work.

You are not allowed to drink soy milk as it reduces the absorption of the medicine in the blood. And hence it can affect the reaction of Euthyrox in your body. Milk of cow intervenes with the absorption of Euthyrox. So, it affects the absorption of medicine in the body and hence decreases the absorption. Therefore, the delay of its affects the body to react accordingly.

As we all know medicine take their own time to reacts and give the perfect results and so eliminate all the problems and rejuvenate the hormones and increasing their activities so a need came to set the time up for the medicine to react well and give good results according to which people will be benefited. You can eat vegetables in small amounts but they should be cooked properly.


The medicine Euthyrox has many side effects such as tiredness, loss of weight, increase in sweating, fever, anxiety, etc. Many times you can suffer from weakness and cramps. It can also affect the Central Nervous system too. Remember, this medicine doesn’t treat infertility.

Pain in muscles and joints can tell you that you are allowed to take an increased dose of the medicine thyroid. You can eat veggies and also fruits but in small quantities. The fruits you can eat are Bananas, tomatoes, oranges, etc. You can eat oats, resins, etc. Euthyrox provides thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones are useful for proper mental growth.


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