How Long After Taking ZMA Can I Eat (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 hours after taking of supplement

As we know most of the supplements are taken by us, which are sometimes deadly if we don’t follow the prescription properly and take the doses at the proper interval of time. Overtaking of supplements, with improper dosage or irregular intervals prescribed by the doctors leads to more health complications. This complication may also lead to heart attack, coma or blood pressure, and even more, complications related to lungs or even blocking veins. 

So, ZMA which is known as zinc magnesium aspartate a composition of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 with proper proportion is also taken in told dose and intervals between supplements or prior even before going to bed.

How Long After Taking ZMA Can I Eat

How  Long After Taking ZMA Can I Eat?

Before going to bedbefore 2 hours (before eating)
The interval between taking a supplement30 minutes

About 20-40 mg of Zinc is mixed with 400mg of Magnesium to attain this perfect supplement. This supplement must be avoided as far as possible from taking it with any supplements, as it can be deadly because minerals block the passage for absorption of Zinc in the body.

ZMA is mainly a kind of supplement used by professionals such as bodybuilders. With Zinc and Magnesium mixed with Vitamin B6, this is most beneficial for those wishing to attain endurance for a long duration. It’s mostly preferred by athletes because it has the potential to boost the strength of muscles. In addition to that, it also induces sleep and helps in fastening the process of recovery.

 ZMA must be taken before going to bed with an empty stomach. Along with this, one should keep in mind to maintain a minimum time gap of about 30 minutes before taking any other supplements. ZMA doses depend upon the doctor’s prescription and increase in a decrease of the amount also. In this supplement, the proportion of zinc is more than magnesium and vitamin B6 relatively. It is a mixture of supplements having more effects and acts as a heavy dose.


The amount of zinc and magnesium are taken differently by the human body in the form of supplements like pills or spray. There is a separate time interval which is preferred by them than in taking of ZMA. But while taking ZMA the time interval is different because the ratio of the elements in this is different than in the elemental form of the supplement. So, every medication has its features as doctors used to recommend.

Why Can I Eat So Long After Taking ZMA?

ZMA is a majorly used supplement that is preferred by individuals from sports and fitness fields. It is proven to help in fastening and enhancing the recovery process after tedious work. ZMA can delay the symptoms of fatigue. Improvement in the field of performance may or may not be noticed during the action.

Zinc is an essential mineral for our bodies. It is essential for the activation and functioning of enzymes. It is also essential for enhancing the body’s metabolism. Zinc is also essential for better digestion. It is also known to improve the immunity system. On the other hand, other ingredients like Magnesium are essential for the smooth carrying out of chemical reactions taking place in our body. The last ingredient, i.e. Vitamin B6 is essential for neurotransmitters.

ZMA is a supplement especially taken to increase performance during heavy workouts. It also helps in having a quiet and sound sleep. This rest period is essential for building the muscles even stronger. That is why it is the most effective supplement which is mostly taken by athletes, gym trainers, etc. So, many of them even get positive results due to their regular intake.

Eating Fruit

As per the research and articles, we have read on ZMA and testosterone it shows mixed results in the human body, but most of the research proves that ZMA won’t increase the stability of production of testosterone in healthy men. Among men, the man with zinc deficiency or low testosterone can take ZMA supplements, as this can increase the product number and the strength of the testosterone hormone. 


ZMA is a blend of Zinc, a compound mixed with monomethionine, Magnesium mixed with a compound named aspartate, and vitamin B6 whose other name is Pyridoxine. It is sometimes observed and recorded and shown to give users weird dreams and sometimes overdose may lead to sleepless nights. Some articles show that the sense of smell in human beings is important to libido, especially in younger men. 

So we can conclude that zinc deficiency, which can reduce the sense of smell, may also be responsible for decreasing levels of libido. There are no proven benefits by researchers or scientists about the ZMA on athletes with the amount of zinc and magnesium in it. Consuming it in heavy doses and without a prescription from a doctor might be harmful.


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