How Long After Taking Lysine Can I Eat (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 30 Minutes

Lysine is a part of the Branch Chain Amino Acids which are essential for the body and is one of protein’s building block. However, the human body cannot produce Lysine itself unlike the other amino acids, and hence, it has to be taken into the body through diet.



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Lysine can be taken into the body either by food products or supplements. Some food products that are rich in Lysine could be meat, fish, eggs, and soy. Lysine is majorly helpful in the absorption of calcium in the body.

Not having enough Lysine in the body can make the person feel fatigued, dizzy, nauseous, and can also lead up to anemia.

How Long After Taking Lysine Can I Eat?

Lysine is also known as L-Lysine. It is a type of amino acid that is necessary for many functions of the human body. Lysine helps the body recover from injuries and makes the tissues grow.

It also helps the body absorb materials like calcium, zinc, and iron. It also plays a vital role in helping the body produce enzymes and antibodies. Further, it helps strengthen the immune system of the body.

Lysine might also help control the herpes virus, which is a disease that makes blisters form around the mouth and genitals on the body. It has also proved to be help lower blood pressure, as well as treating diabetes.

Most people prefer to take Lysine by mouth and doctors believe it is the most helpful if taken on an empty stomach with water. The dosage of Lysine depends on the weight of the person.

For adults, it should be 12mg per kg, and for children, it can be 44mg per kg. Moreover, for infants and young children, it needs to be 97mg per kg.

People who eat meat and eggs do get their daily dosage of Lysine without making any additional changes to their diet plans. However, people who do not eat meat and eggs should compensate for the Lysine through other plant products like soy, etc.

Lysine supplements are fairly popular in people who don’t get their dosage through non-vegetarian food, and also athletes who have their fixed diet plan as the part of amino acid is important for the body to function.

Age GroupAmount of Lysine Per Kg
Infants And Young Children97Mg

Why Can I Eat 30 Minutes After Taking Lysine?

Lysine or L-Lysine is very useful for the body in many ways. It is usually used to treat cold sores or fever blisters, which cause pain and discomfort and are mainly due to an infection.

Lysine supplements might be useful in decreasing the frequency of these infections and reducing the duration.

Most people have an adequate amount of Lysine intake daily, however, it could be a problem in people who do not have things like meat, fish, and eggs in their diet as the compensation for this needs to be done by eating more vegetables which have Lysine component in them.

The reason it is suggested that Lysin should be taken on an empty stomach and with water is that that is the time it could be the most effective and absorbent. It is recommended that Lysine should be taken in as a single supplement as too many supplements taken together can have a strain on the liver and kidney. It can also give rise to other health-related problems.

Lysine is considered best taken on an empty stomach because that way more amounts of amino acids can be absorbed by the body and less of the supplement goes into waste.

Supplements are usually taken by people who have herpes infections or people who cannot take in an adequate amount of Lysine through their daily diet, hence, people who do not have meat and eggs in their diet. It is also recommended that postmenopausal women should increase the intake of Lysine in their body for more calcium absorption to strengthen bones.


Lysine, which is also known as L-Lysine is a type of amino acid that is essential for the body to function. However, the body cannot produce it on its own, and hence, it should be taken in through either food products or supplements.

It is considered the building block of protein and helps the body greatly in the absorption of calcium. It is also considered to strengthen the immune system and help the body produce enzymes and antibodies.

It is best recommended that Lysine should be taken by mouth and on an empty stomach with water. The reason for this is that an empty stomach would have the supplement be absorbed the maximum into the body and very little of it goes to waste.  


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