How Long After Taking Zinc Can I Eat (And Why)?

Exact Answer: After 1 hour

Our body requires all types of essential minerals within a limited amount. Similarly, zinc is an essential mineral in respect to many functions of human health. The supplements are made up of composition with a proportion of 15–30 mg of elemental zinc daily. It helps in the improvement of the body’s immunity, also balancing the blood sugar levels, and even eye, heart, and skin health care.

Before taking we should be sure not to exceed the minimum limit of 40 mg. There are many more facts which one should know about zinc and its interval duration before meals or after meals. 

How Long After Taking Zinc Can I Eat

How Long After Taking Zinc Can I Eat?

Supplement Before mealsBefore 2 hours
Supplement after mealsAfter 1 hour

Zinc gives the best result if taken before 1 hour or after 2 hours of meals done. According to fact studies from several researchers, ingestion of zinc may lead to gastrointestinal problems and problems related to the stomach if consumed on an empty stomach, especially when we prefer a lighter meal after the supplement. If stomach problems are seen, then we should take zinc with a meal. 

Zinc sometimes shows negative results with most of the common minerals, likely calcium and iron. Zinc and calcium are preferred by doctors to compete for the common absorption area in the body, and it also results in the negative impact of each other while absorption is taken with irregular intervals or unfollowing the prescription. So we can find that, we should try to avoid taking other supplements with zinc either or even shortly before/after dairy products consumption. 

The research also proved the fact that iron also interferes with the absorptive capacity of zinc in the body, but the effects of iron are somehow less than calcium.  Studies have shown that intake of iron in high doses can have a negative impact while zinc absorption, but this effect can also be removed by consuming both minerals with a meal. For maximum efficiency of both the supplement medications, we should try to minimize the continuous intake of zinc and iron simultaneously.

We should consume zinc with water or juice which will try to keep our stomach healthy. If zinc upsets the stomach sometimes, you can take it in your meal. You need to stop the consumption of zinc at that particular time along with calcium and iron accessories. 

Why Can I Eat So Long After Taking Zinc? 

A strong relationship is found to be between zinc and copper. Taking too much of any one of the supplements regularly will lead to depletion in others. The decision of taking zinc as the composition of of a multivitamin, then  copper supplement is also very necessary.

We should be careful before giving zinc supplements to a child. We should avoid supplying supplements to children or infants without consulting our doctor. If we have a look at the studies made by the experts and scientific research, they have decided the amount of zinc intake which is not harmful to different age groups. 

The Infant’s birth age of  6 months can take up to 2 mg (AI). Infants of  7 – 12 months can take up to 3 mg (RDA). Children of 1 – 3 years can take up to 3 mg (RDA). Children of 4 – 8 years can consume 5 mg (RDA). Children of  9 – 13 years can take up to 8 mg (RDA). Girls and boys of14 – 18 years can consume up to 9 – 11 mg (RDA) respectively. 

Similarly in adults also the amount is defined and cleared by the scientists. Men and women of 19 years and older can take zinc supplements up to 11 – 8 mg (RDA). Pregnant women of the age group of 14 – 18 years and 19 years and older can take 12 – 11 mg (RDA). Breastfeeding women of  nineteen years old or above can consume 13  mg RDA.

Taking zinc doses for so long can create critical conditions because it’s fatal and can be severely harmful to health conditions unless your doctor orders you to take it. We should talk to our doctor before taking more than the minimum limit of consuming. You can take a break from zinc supplements. One should take the proper amount of nutrients. Excessive intake may also lead to serious problems.


The information comes out on the surface after a deep research that supplements of zinc can help in lowering the risk of getting affected by colds. In one of the studies, it is seen, elderly people or adults having zinc levels in normal parameters, the risk factor of pneumonia is less in this case, remedying of new antibiotics is being prescribed and fewer days of antibiotic was kept in use.

As per the lab studies, it’s found that more examination and reports are needed to get effective results for the particular zinc which will be beneficial for the particular types of cold viruses. During those breaks, we should focus on our diet to get a balanced diet and obtain zinc from it.


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