How Long After Taking Kava Can I Breastfeed (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 2 Hours

Evolving with time is one of the best things about human beings. They easily cope up with any situation. But the evolve had started long before the stone age. From eating raw meat to discovering fire and developing the habit of cooking to communicating with each other with just a few clicks even if being in different parts of the world.

But everything requires time. Sometimes people get tired and suffer from stress. Even a woman, who is on maternity leave, can feel tired with all the work at the house. These situations give rise to anxiety. To cope up with it, people can have kava to ease u\themselves up. But a woman who is breastfeeding should have it at least 2 hours before breastfeeding her baby.

How Long After Taking Kava Can I Breastfeed

How Long After Taking Kava Can I Breastfeed?

Minimum2 Hours
Maximum> 2 Hours

The 2-hour gap between having kava and breastfeeding is a must. The woman should strictly abide by this rule. She may be under a lot of stress but the health of the baby comes first. Kava has an intoxicating effect and may pass down to the mammary glands and further to the baby while breastfeeding. This may make the baby suffer and have a lot of medical conditions shortly.

Kava is a plant that is found in the South Pacific region. It is native to the people of Polynesia. In their language, it is called ‘awa’, which means bitter. The name signifies kava as it is bitter and earthy in taste. Due to its intoxicating effect, it is used as a substitute for alcohol. The scientific name of kava is Piper methysticum, which in Latin means pepper intoxicating.

Kava is known to work against anxiety, stress, sleeplessness, and a lot of other conditions. But there is no scientific proof to it. There have been reported cases of deaths that occurred due to over consumption of kava. It is believed to cause liver diseases. Due to these reasons, it was banned from Canada and Europe.


Just as the good deeds of kava have not been confirmed, the bad deeds of kava have also not been confirmed. Due to this, the ban was lifted has was again exported to Canada and Europe. The USA did not ban it and has been importing it throughout. Effecting the central nervous system and the brain is how kava works. Because of the kava-lactones present in kava, these effects take place.

Why Does It Take Long To Breastfeed After Having Kava?

Consumption of kava by a woman who is pregnant or is in their breastfeeding phase is unsafe. It is unsafe for both the women and the baby. It has a lot of chemicals that pass while breastfeeding and can affect the uterus also. But if a woman has to take kava then that person should strictly follow the 2-hour policy. Waiting for more time is completely fine but avoid breastfeeding before that time.

A newborn baby lives on breastfeeding, almost 6-7 times the mother has to breastfeed the baby. It is nearly impossible to consume kava during that time, in which the baby will not be affected. Kava can also worsen a person’s depression instead of treating. The World Health Organisation has deemed kava to have a low-risk factor if only it is taken in a small amount.


Kava can be consumed in many ways. But the most common ways are to dip its root in the water for some time and later have that water, or dry out the roots and then smash it to make a powder and have it by mixing it with water or milk. Not only breastfeeding but having food or drinking any beverage should also be avoided for at least 2 hours.

Kava can be found in three categories. The first one is noble kava, the second one is two-day kava and the third one is medicinal kava. It was exported to other countries from Polynesia as herbal medicine.


Kava is a lot of things combined. It is herbal medicine, it is a substitute for alcohol, it is used to cure anxiety and stress, and a lot of other things. Whether it is good or bad, scientists have not clarified that yet. They are continuing their research on kava. A large intake of kava is dangerous for a person as it may affect his or her health.

Due to its intoxicating effect, doctors suggest avoiding driving after having kava. While the breastfeeding phase, if a person has to take kava, it is better to consult a doctor and take his permission.

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