How Long After Kava Can You Eat (And Why)?

Exact Answer: 45 Minutes

As time passes people become more and more advanced. Due to the power of the human mind, every industry has progressed a lot in the last few decades. Previously, the movies that were made were in black and white. Nowadays not only is it colored but also has computer embedded graphics. Due to so much advancement, more people are required to keep everything under check.

Both men and women are working. As time passes, the work pressure increases, which in turn causes anxiety. Anxiety can cause several problems. To overcome anxiety, many people drink a beverage named Kava. It helps in relaxing the body. After having kava, one should not have anything at least for 45 minutes.

How Long After Kava Can You Eat

How Long After Kava Can You Eat?

Minimum Time After Consuming Kava45 Minutes
Maximum Time After Consuming Kava2 Hours

After having kava, the minimum time required to have food is at least 45 minutes. Sometimes, people can extend the time and go as long as two hours without consuming anything after kava. Kava is extracted from Piper methysticum. It is generally found in the South Pacific region. The Polynesian word, “awa” signifies bitterness. The word Kava was generated from “awa”, as the beverage made from its extract is also bitter.

South Pacific has a lot of small islands, each with its own culture. They use kava as a beverage in ceremonies to overcome their anxiety. Just as western societies use alcohol, the people in those small islands use kava. Not only does it is believed to work against anxiety but also against restlessness, insomnia, etc. Even though it is believed to work against so many problems, there is no scientific proof of it.


Being considered as a replacement for alcohol, kava also has a few problems relating to it. Due to over consumption of kava, there have been reports of death and liver damages. Due to these reports, the export of kava was affected in the international market. But later, just as there was no scientific proof of its usefulness, the reports also did not hold a strong ground against it. So the ban was lifted.

The name Piper Methysticum comes from Latin and Latinized Greek. Piper means pepper and Methysticum means intoxicating. It is exported to other countries in small quantities and is used as herbal medicines.

Why Does It Take Long To Have Food After Kava?

The minimum time is 45 minutes to consume something after having kava. 45 minutes is not much, to begin with. But few people eat after two hours, which is a bit long. To avoid all these controversies, it is better to have it during odd times. Eating before breakfast, lunch or dinner will only delay it. People also can drink it with milk to control their hunger.

Consuming kava will lead to affect the brain and various parts of the nervous system. This mainly happens due to the kava-lactones, which are present in the kava. Kava can be consumed in several ways. But the most common way is to dry out the roots of the plant. After being dried out, the roots are smashed to form a powder-like substance. That thing is mixed with water and then consumed.


Kava can be of three types. The first one is noble kava, the second one is two-day kava and the last one is medicinal kava. As mentioned above, due to reports of death by Kava, it was banned in Canada and Europe. But later on, the ban was lifted in Canada and Germany. Even under all these reports, the USA did not ban it.

The World Health Organisation deemed kava to be less toxic if consumed in small quantities. The life risk may be low under the mentioned circumstance. But if it is consumed in large quantities it can lead to greater life risk. Due to its intoxicating effect, the doctors advise avoiding driving after having kava.


Even though kava acts as a stress and anxiety reliever and to some extent of being a herbal medicine, it still has a lot of negative effects on people. If a person suffering from depression consumes kava, the depression worsens. Women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding should avoid consuming kava at all costs. It may affect the uterus and the chemicals used in it may pass down to the infant through breast milk.

Scientists all over the world are continuing their research on kava and whether it is bad or not. It is better to consume kava under the supervision of a doctor.


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